Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Yarnarian Doesn't Follow Her Own Advice.

So, when people ask about yarn dyeing tips, the first thing I tell them is to make sure that your skein is tied up in 6-8 places. Are you starting to see where I'm going here? Uh huh.

I had this skein of yarn that didn't sell; I didn't really think it would, but you never know. It hung around unloved for quite a while and didn't go on the sale, so, frugal soul that I am, I decided to overdye it. This is a great solution when you don't like what you've done.

And I did overdye it. It became a beautiful forest green and I fell in love with it. Yup. And I didn't tie it up in 4 additional spots because I forgot, and now it is the biggest mess of yarn you have ever seen. Spaghetti looks easier to untangle than this mess. So I tossed it. I did this once before and it took me 5 hours, yup, 5 hours to untangle the 400 yards of it. Bye bye pretty yarn. You almost made it into my yarn stash.

I did do a very nice job of overdyeing some Zephyr today. It was originally supposed to be pastel blue for the mystery shawl coming up. Somehow, I got red blobs on it. So I overdyed it with darker blue, and the red blobby parts looked worse. Today, I dumped the entire skein into a gorgeous rich red, and it came out like elderberry. It is one beeyoutiful yarn! Not pastel, but rich and lovely, And this one did not end up as a mess. I'm going to list it because it is that pretty.

All this overdyeing is part of the fun of being a dyer; you just never know what will really take place. You think if you over dye blue with red you'll get purple. Not in this case. It's soaking wet so I can't show you a picture, but when it dries, I will and you will drool over it. And if you don't, I'll keep it for myself. So there.

MamaMay - I'll pm you on Ravelry. You are a very brave woman indeed!

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MamaMay said...

You TOSSED it! NOOOOOOO! That is yarn abuse! If you really don't want to deal with it mail it to me! I will untangle it. Do you want money for shipping?

I am MamaMay on Ravelry.


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