Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Yarnarian Says: "I told you so."

MamaMay, you didn't believe me. Hee hee. Here it is, somewhat damp. Apologies for the last blurry pic but I didn't carry the tripod upstairs. Have fun!

The Debate: Here's what I accomplished during the debate. I happily yelled, moaned, gasped and enjoyed it. I don't really learn all that much from these debates, but I love the commentaries afterwards, and you know that I watch PBS. So, the comments were sharp and delicious.

I had graphed out my new scarf and wanted to cast on and knit it but I got so involved with the candidates that I had to frog 5 times, and this is what I did post-debate while watching those commentaries.

Gotta run: all that cooking and straightening for Yom Kippur must commence immediately.

Three Cheers for MamaMay, who is going to untangle the mess from hell!

1 comment:

MamaMay said...

Looks like a challenge. I'll take it!


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