Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Yarnarian is Proud of Herself.

Because she reskeined up lots of yarn for the sotm, and did other yarny things today. And she is feeling quite proud of herself for all her hard work. Three cheers for the Yarnarian!

OK, enough of that blather.

Wanna see what I'm working on? Well, some of what I'm working on. Let's get real here, you know I can't show you sock club stuff, and it's way too embarrassing to show you all my projects in motion. The woman buys new project bags, and then has to fill them. And yesterday, I lost one, and it took me all day to realize that it was on the dining room table. We are not going there!

First of all, a brand new sock, knit in Alexa. Just garter rib here. I tried a pattern and it looked dumb with all the yarn variations. So I went back to a tried & true pattern.

Next, a nameless sock. I have to do the second one here, also done in Alexa:

And third, a sock with a name, Dancing Feet, knit in Penny with about 1/2 of the 2nd sock done:

Not shown here are the new scarf, the shawl (which is making great progress), the vest which only needs to be sewn (blech), and various and sundry things that I can't even remember.

And now I'm going to eat supper and watch the tube and knit. Yay, me.

A quick update: the yarn sale went very well, and now I have room for new goodies. Thank you all for looking and/or buying.

kv - You have no idea what evil, um I mean what projects, lurk in the hearts of those project bags. Scary!


kv said...

wow, you have been busy!

Allison said... took me all day to realize that it was on the dining room table.

Does it help if I tell you how I was whinging recently about not being able to find a particular decorative hanger -- it took me a week or two to discover that it was hanging from the mantle, six feet from my face, but I couldn't see it until I was clear across the room.


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