Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Yarnarian Checks In.

Did you have a good New Year? It seems so long ago, and it's only Jan.3!

Our dearest friends came over for chicken chili and brought 2 wonderfully dopey movies to watch: Best in Show and The Producers. Lovely, relaxing day.

I am stunned at how quickly most of the Snow White collection sold! Who'd a thunk it?

So tomorrow I'm getting busy on The Little Mermaid, and might finish dyeing it either tomorrow or Mon. and listing it hopefully on Tues.

I've done a lot of knitting the last couple of days. I'm working away on my Gansey and my Rapunzel socks. I started a new shawl on New Year's Eve, and today I played with a new lace scarf. I'm not sure about the scarf. I like the pattern, but the yarn might fight it. Well I'll post a pic and you can give me your opinion.

Sock Club sign ups are almost over. Monday is the last day to sign up. Just saying.....

The Fiber Baristas sock club sign-ups began on Thursday, and are coming along nicely. It is not inexpensive, but you get 9 months of yarn, each month from a different dyer; every dyer is top-notch, so you're getting awesome quality here. And someone on the Ravelry forum suggested people sharing the cost. So 2 or 3 people could go in on one membership and split the cost and the yarn. We cannot possible manage that, but you all could do it on your own.

And on a heavy note here: Did you know that you can freeze from-scratch lemon-ginger cupcakes and you can eat them frozen? I swear I've eaten a dozen of them all by myself. This is not conducive to a diet! ;-)

Hi, Jen - What are you dyeing these days?

Ria - Frozen cupcakes are wonderful! All the spicy taste comes out. I'm afraid that this is not a viable diet option. You can eat them right from the freezer. (and the paper peels very easily when frozen.)


Ria said...

And to think I freeze desserts so I have to think if I want it bad enough to wait for it to thaw...

Jen said...

Glad the yarn dyeing is going well!


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