Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Yarnian Is In Love!

With a scarf/shawl pattern. Yeah, I know that I wrote about this before, but I cannot tell you how delightful it is to knit this pattern!

This one:

The middle one is true to the real color.

This is like eating peanuts. I can't stop doing this. Talk about mindless, yet interesting. I used my Alexa yarn here and a size 6 needle, and it came out so soft, and drapey and silky and warm. I want to make a gazillion of these.

So the instant I finished this, I wound up a ball of my new Shelley yarn that I dyed just for me, and started another one. I have to either dye up some almost solids, or buy a couple at Judy's, to play around with solids and variegateds.

Let me tell you about Shelley yarn. It's amazingly lofty and looks more like a sport wt yarn until you start knitting with it. And then you realize that it has wonderful stretch and makes cushy socks. It looks and knits like K...u, but the base is not the same. However it has that nice twist and is sproingy. and works up so nicely.

So the new shawl is also on size 6 needles and has a different feel than the one out of Alexa.

The Alexa one took a little less than a skein of yarn. It's about 5.5 inches wide and about 45 inches long and is enough to wrap around my neck and fling over my shoulders. Indeed, if I fling carefully, I can drap the flung part over my shoulders and it helps keep me warm. I love it to pieces. I might just have to actually write up a pattern here.

I think I have post Inaugural blues. All that excitement and now we're back to the humdrum of daily live. On the other hand, we could have excitement that we don't want, so I'll happily take humdrum.

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