Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Yarnarian Gets the Letter "M".

Natalie, my fellow Fiber Barista and the wonderful dyer from the UK , sent me the letter M today.

Here's how it works, and I stole this from Natalie's site.

"The idea is that you ask in the comments for a letter and one is sent to you at random. You then blog about ten things you love beginning with that letter."

10 things about the letter M:

1. the Mommie! Of course she's first. How could she not be? The Mommie is 94 years old and is the most amazing lady. She's tiny, not that she was ever big to begin with, but now she's smaller, and still quite capable of putting me in my place, thank you very much. I have never, ever won an argument with her, and never will.

She can't live alone any more, so she is in a small residence for seniors within a larger senior apartment house. The is not assisted living; she has her own apartment (with the stove disabled so that the residents can't accidentally start fires), and just outside her door is the dining room. I've hired a lovely lady to help her get showered and dressed in the morning. Well, actually the lady is there to get her up because otherwise she'd sleep until 2 PM.

She is very very independent. If she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't, and no amount of pleading, cajoling, or even forcing will get her to do it.

In short, she is The Mommie, a force to be reckoned with!

2. Mate! He who is known as the Hubbo, my mate, my love and my bad one. He can get into more mischief than anyone I know. He gets this gleam in his eyes, and you know he has something ebil planned. He's famous for meeting me on the street, opening his arms wide and yelling my name. It's a sight to behold.

3. Munchies! I love to snack on bad junk food. Give me a good munchie of a Devil Dog or Wise Barbecued potato chips and I'm a happy camper.

4. Madeline. "In an old house in Paris, that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines..." One of my favorite children's books. Madeline is adorable and funny and full of my next M word:

5. Mischief! Mischief, the good kind, not the bad kind. The kind that makes you giggle. We have a lot of mischievous folks in the family: the Hubbo, of course, the grands. Well 3 out of 4 of the grands. Principessa Rose is not the mischievous kind of kid, but she is a cutie anyhow. The other 3 have trouble in their middle names.

6. Miss P! That most wonderful grand. The one that yells with me: "Iron Chef", the one who calls me Gram or Grammie or Grammie Whammie. The one who owns me every time I visit. The one who lives in Minneapolis...

7. Minneapolis! The home of younger DD, SIL, and the most charming Miss P. I love this city. Unlike New York City, it's not overly frenetic. It's full of culture and wonderful things to do, from museums to the Metrodome. Parks, wonderful shopping, nice people which leads me to:

8. The Midwest! Being an east coaster, living an hour by train from The City (NYC, of course!), I have the Metro-New York area's total ignorance of the middle of the country. Surprise! The Midwest, particularly Minnesota, which is the area I've come to know, is a wonderful place to visit. People don't rush from one place to the other, they tend to be nice (well, they admire niceness), they just might be civilized (hee hee, don't throw bricks at me! I'm being mischievous!), and I could easily live there. But I would miss New York, where people are curmudgeonly nice.

9. Marriage! It's a strange institution, quite imperfect. When it's a good marriage, it's wonderful. When not, yuch! I'm quite fortunate to be married to that Hubbo, but I still think that the idea of marriage needs to be worked on. I have no different ideas on how 2 people can live together bonded by law and love other than marriage, but if I ever come up with one, I'll let you know.

10. Me, Myself! OK, this is weird but only in my 60's have I come to like who I really am. I'm Me! I'm imperfect for sure, but I'm still Me. I like Me. It took 60 years to come to that conclusion. A lot of travail, a bit of therapy, a wonderful Hubbo, great kids and step kids, adorable grands all make up the Me who is today. And I like her. Not that she's perfect by any means. I can probably out-fault anyone reading this, but I am just comfortable being whoever I am. And that, boys and girls, is the joy of getting older. Yeah, the body and the face are not what they were, so what. The head is good, at least for the moment. ;-)

This was fun. If you want a letter, let me know, and I'll give you one. Thanks, Natalie for a wonderful idea!

KV - You're no fun! ;-) I'd be willing to give you the letter "X". Can you imagine finding 10 things about that letter? Size 6 is about as large a needle as I use, so next Rhinebeck, I'm getting some Duet!


kv said...

loved your "m"issive today! but don't giove me a letter, i won't do my homework. and the needle size was six. really, believe it or not, a pretty fast knit.

Allison said...

X? That can be a fun letter.

1. Xavier - one of my wonderful cats. The one I lost to some unknown medical problem in November.

2. xeriscaping - I should really do more of it. I'm getting too old to lug watering cans around all summer.

3. xor - Well, you kind of need to be a programmer and/or (not xor) major geek to care about this one.

4. xoxo - In the month of February (even if I am commenting on a January blog entry)? Can't miss those.

5. Xyzzy - So I'm a geek. And an old one at that. Magic word from an early computer game in the 70's. I still love stumbling over in odd places.

6. Xylophone - Not really my cup of tea normally, but has anyone seen *You Can't Take It With You* (Jean Arthur, Jimmy Stewart)? That xylophone is perfect in there.

7. X (as in X marks the spot) Who wouldn't be excited by a map with that on it? A treasure or maybe the destination of the day or the end of the trip.

8. Xanadu -
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.

9. X-ray - Well, not a favorite thing precisely but definitely a good thing to have available on need.

10. Xanadu - yes, again. Despite every thing I read panning the movie, I still love the Olivia Newton John/Gene Kelly movie and the music from it.


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