Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Yarnarian Has an Idea.

As you know, I'm been noodling around with the modular scarf pattern, and some adventurous folks on the PennyRoses Forum on Ravelry want to do a KAL on Ravelry when I write up the pattern. (And they know who they are!)

So one of these days, when I get through knitting and photographing each step of the process, I'm going to post these steps, perhaps one at a time for your enjoyment. I'm not sure when I'll begin. You all can be my test group with my very informal pattern.

Interested? Stay tuned.

Are you all sick of winter? It's cold here in NJ, not bone-chilling cold as in the frozen northland, but cold enough for here. We had some snow last night and this morning, and then it turned to rain, and now it's busy freezing into black ice. I'm going to try to get to the gym tomorrow provided the roads are ok. By the time I get out, they should be fine.

And then I think I ought to bake something, maybe bread, just because I need a cozy break from this weather.

Knitting News: All of a sudden I want to put cables on socks. So today, I poured over all my Japanese books to fine something to play with. I found a lovely cable and proceeded to design up a sock using that cable and other patterns. Knitted about 2 inches of it when I decided that I didn't like it. Frogged, recharted, frogged, recharted, etc. etc. And each time the stitch count changed so that I had to start from scratch again. Finally I found the perfect form of this cable, knitted yet again, and now I think I can connect the cables together. So tomorrow I rechart it again. I'll post pics if and when I'm happy with it.

CathyR - I spent about an hour redoing the chart, and then tonight while I was working on the sock, found a bunch of mistakes. so guess what I'm doing tomorrow?
It's really turning out nice. This one is a winner. I would like to do a sweater with this cable.

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CathyR said...

Oh a new sock, I can't wait.


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