Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Yarnarian Knits and Dyes.

I've been having a productive few days. I did a lot of knitting and today I dyed up some pretty new yarns.

Knitting News:

Take a look at this new sock I'm working on. I charted out a nice cable, and when I finished the first repeat, I decided to keep playing around with it and produced something else entirely than that first repeat. I'm knitting it in a skein of Penny that nobody wanted. I liked it, so I gave to me as a present.

I'm calling this one "Judy Socks" after my dearest buddy, best friend forever, and also another crazed knitter!

I took the pic on my sock form so that's why it looks sort of weird at the bottom. I'm working on 64 sts, which is a lot for me, but cables draw in the fabric, and it fits like a dream.

Here's the other sock I'm doing. I sent it as the pattern for the January shipment of the sock club, and will post it for sale at some point. It's easy, interesting enough so that you don't fall asleep, and it works very well for variegated yarns. This one was done with my new Shelley yarn and I got 8 sts/inch with size 0 needles. Next one will be done on my usual 3 ones. Zero makes my hands ache. It fits very well though.

I'm still working on modular scarves. I'm busy knitting, taking pics, knitting some more, taking more pics, etc. It's amazing how labor intensive this is. I have a written pattern in progress, hence all those pics. What I love about this scarf is that it works up beautifully in variegated yarns! That's always tough to do, but these babies are perfect for yarns like this. Here's the last one I finished and the one in progress (with those never-ending pictures).

I'm still working on the gansey. I separated the garment at the armholes and now am working back and forth, which I don't like to do. But, I put in some new patterns, and it's looking good, so I shall persevere. I would love to wear it sometime this month.

Dyeing news:

I'm happily back dyeing lace yarn. Today I did 4 really icy colors. Just enough color to catch the eye, but so pale that any pattern will show up magnificently. No pics because they're steaming at the moment.

And while I'm on the topic of stuff to sell, here are the latest sock patterns available on Ravelry. I put them up on Etsy occasionally too. If you want but you don't belong to Ravelry, let me know and I'll post them on Etsy.

Tulip Socks and Rapunzel's Braid.

seejenknit - I don't see why not, the cable is pretty simple and so is the lace in the middle of the front. It should look just fine.

Ria - That "double twisty thing" is so easy to do. that's the thing about cables: they look hard but they're actually quite easy.

Carolyn - Thank you! You give my ego a major boost!

Georgia - Thanks. They really are addictive.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Would your Rapunzel's Braid pattern be able to be converted to toe-up?

Ria said...

Love the cables on Judy's sock - of course I love cables but that double twisty thing looks great.

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me! Those Judy socks are knockouts as well as your scarves and the other socks!

Georgia said...

So pretty! Those modular scarves are stunning.

Jen said...

Yikes! Everything in this post is so pretty! I love the new sock!


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