Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Yarnarian Makes Progress.

I finished the first Judy Sock. I did this on 64 stitches for my narrow foot and leg, and believe me, the cables really drew it in. When I write up the pattern, I'm going to do separate patterns for medium and large, I think. Cables are warm, beautiful and cuddly, but they really require lots more stitches. My fits perfectly, but wider feet need a bigger pattern written up.

Judy, my cable-loving friend, these are named for you.

The color on the lighter one is more accurate than the bright one. Photography is a pain in the keester sometimes.

And because I'm into picture sharing at the moment, here's a pic of my gansey in progress. You know what a mess sweaters in progress look like, so use your imagination on this one. I think it'll be fine when finished and given a bath.

The top one is closer to the actual color.

I did a bunch of dyeing for my sock club yesterday. I'm so pleased with how they came out. They all dried, and one of them is for me, and I can't wait to knit with it. So, to add to all the wips, I'm going to cast on for a new sock today. I don't know what kind of pattern to use; I'm thinking a knit/purl pattern. I need a break from cables, and am not in the mood for lace. Maybe something with a twist stitch? Well, I'll play and show you some results as I go along.

Rubicon - maybe the early part of next week, or if I'm really ambitious by Thursday night of this week.

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Rubicon said...

love cables, love the sock :-)
looking forward to the pattern!


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