Monday, February 2, 2009

The Yarnarian Has a Visit from the PQ!

In case you were wondering, the PQ is the Pastel Queen, aka my alter ego. Yesterday she came out with a vengeance and I dyed up 4 stunning pale pale lace yarns, all in Zephyr. I love doing yarns like this. They are pale enough so that any pattern shows up, but they still have some color. The PQ was most gracious about my dyeing efforts. Here they are:

Cameo, Violet, Mint, and Blush.

And then, much to the Pastel Queen's horror, I did a couple of much darker sock yarns:

Canyon and Walk in the Woods:

These goodies and more will arrive in my Etsy shop over the week.

Off to the gym. I really need it today. I'm loggy and have no energy. Off to tread on the treadmill and lift those weights.

Jen - I'm glad you like the yarns. I was just working on the sock but have to take a little break and do some laundry.

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Jen said...

Love! Love! Want! Want!


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