Friday, February 27, 2009

The Yarnarian Starts Another Mitered Scarf!

I couldn't help it. The Hubbo made me do it! This was a yarn that was unloved. No one wanted it. No one even gave it a heart. But I knew that it was a winner, and so did the Hubbo. When he mentioned that he wanted a mitered scarf, I hauled out all the yarns, and this is what he picked. Smart guy!

This is Shelley yarn, and the colorway is Papa Bear. Here's what it looked like without being reskeined:

OK, now here it is reskeined to see the color interactions:

And now here it is, as a scarf in progress:

Nifty, no? The Hubbo, who is a most conservative in clothing guy, likes it and said he would wear it.

Mitered Scarf KAL coming on Sunday, March 1. Right here on this blog. All details on the Mon, Feb. 23 posting.

And as a very special treat for you, here she is, Lilith Grace at 4 days old.

The Benster seems to be handling a baby sister fairly well so far. Of course she's been home only a day, so we'll see. Mommie and Daddy are exhausted, naturally, but doing well. At least they know the baby routines. We had such a lovely time visiting them. Went for a walk, ate a bagel, walked back with them. Sigh.

Jen - Thanks.

Jen - Nobody wanted that poor yarn. So I grabbed it. you going to knit along with us?

Carolyn - I love your typo! Miss Lilith is beyond delicious!

Cathy - I just might have to borrow it from the Hubbo!


Anonymous said...

pretty scarf! the colorway is perfect. :)

Jen said...

Oh my, I love that scarf! That yarn is Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh - an adorable baby girl and a scare that looks like a peacock tail. You couldn't be in much higher clover than that!

Anonymous said...

Oops - I DID mean scarf! Still getting used to typing on an iPod ;)

CathyR said...

Hubbo is going to have a wonderful scarf.

Lilith Grace is a cutie.

Kathy... said...

Congrats on a lovely new granddaughter. My first grandson is 8 months old today! Best 8 months of my (Older Adult) life!

I may join in on this KAL...I have TONS of sock yarn odd balls. Might be a great way of using some up. Thanks for the "gift". Oh - and I vote for those neutral colors. I am the "brown" person you dyed that Kona for awhile it!


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