Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Yarnarian has a Cute Story.

Our DD is learning how to knit. One of her nurses decided to teach her how, and she's been on the phone with her mom and with me for help. I haven't seen the knitting yet, but I bet it's looking good.

So here's the story: She came back from the yarn shop the other day with yarn to make doll blankies for Princessa Rose. Rosie grabbed the yarn and showed every one of her dolls (and this child has a gazillion dolls) the yarn that Mommie was going to use to make her (the doll) a blankie. She thinks that Mommie is going to knit an entire wardrobe for her 4 AG dolls. Poor Mommie; ah the pressure of a little kid.

We're going up there tomorrow to help out while both parents are on call. The Hubbo has orders to take the kids out and disappear so that DD and I can knit together. I love it. I feel the wicked enabler coming on bigtime! Happiness is a daughter who wants to knit. My two gave up on it, so all the burden is on Dr. K.

Our DIL knits, yay her, and she is due for her baby in 7 days. We're starting to sweat the birth date. Grands sometimes make grandparents very nervous.

Knitting News: I've been playing around with a new dyeing method, and while I love the results, it presents an interesting challenge with finding a good pattern. Sometimes what looks so easy to knit up, is in fact, difficult. Why? Because you don't want to loose the pattern and yet you love the yarn and want to show it off.

So here's the conundrum sock. This is the latest in my sotm yarns. Sotm members, your yarns are all individual so they won't look like mine. And here's the challenge. There is this gorgeous brown that doesn't want to look nice in a purl pattern. And here's my old standby of a pattern: the one and only Roundabout pattern. It's perfect! No purling, and it torques and it breaks up the yarn so that it zigzags instead of going straight. This is THE sock pattern when you want to highlight variations in color.

And here's another sock, with a similar issue except that the featured color is closer to the background in value, and there is more of it than the one above. This is a pattern I wanted to do with the teal and brown yarn. It looked beyond awful in it, but look at how nice it works up with this yarn. Yarns, where the values are not too far apart, can knit up into almost anything.

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