Monday, February 9, 2009

The Yarnarian Aids the Economy.

I helped out the economy yesterday! Armed with 3 coupons, worth $20 apiece, the Hubbo and I went off to Coldwater Creek yesterday. Shall we say that I made a major killing here?

One coupon was a birthday coupon. Yay, getting older. The other 2 were $20 off $80 worth of merchandise. The Hubbo took one and I took the others. Yes, it's perfectly legal, so if you go to CC, take a friend, the Hubs or a significant other.

And now I'm all set for spring, should it ever appear. Hasn't this felt like the longest winter on record? And we still have March ahead of us. OK, back to clothing: 3 pairs of light cotton pants, casual but not jeans, in navy, light brown and off-white, the usual spring colors. I can easily wear these in spring, summer and fall. All on sale: buy 2 or more..... Then 4 t-shirts, also buy 2 or more....Red, navy, grass green and blue. And the prettiest floral print blouse that has all the t-shirts colors in it and can be worn as a blouse or a jacket. It sounds boring, but it has been years since I wore red, white and blue. I'm quite pleased with my purchases, and believe me, the price was right.

No knitting to report on; I knit maybe an inch on my cable socks. No dyeing, no nuttin'.

Food news: We ran all over the joint yesterday, and after we had a nice Mommie visit, we went off to the local kosher butcher. Bought some chicken and some chopped meat. And I bought cold cuts! Stop laughing! It's hard to find freshly cut kosher cold cuts where I live, so I rarely have them. Turkey and salami. Mmmmm. You're laughing; I can hear it. Supper last night was sandwiches. Cold cut sandwiches. I loved every minute of it.

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