Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Yarnarian, the Inauguration and Goldilocks.

well, that's a strange combination but the Goldilocks Collection has made its debut on Etsy. I dyed most of it on Thursday and finished up yesterday, and listed just before all the inauguration festivities.

Reading from right to left: Goldie, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and then Papa's bowl of porridge, Mama's and Baby's. Click on the picture to see the yarns in a larger size.

Did you watch the Inauguration? I did and I cheered and waved and cried. About 2 minutes into the speech, the cleaning team arrived and proceeded to share their joy with the election with me. And so, I missed most of the speech. I'll have to catch it later. bummer! I really wanted to see it in real time.

Weren't the little girls cute? And Michelle was no slouch herself. I can't wait to see what she wears tonight to all the balls.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you EVER remember such national joy at an inauguration?

I don't.



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