Monday, January 26, 2009

The Yarnarian Gets Lacy.

I'm back into dyeing lace yarn, Zephyr to be exact. I took a long break from it, but Sunday the mood struck and I did 4 skeins. I forgot how lovely it is to dye this yarn. It's such a dreamy yarn.

And since you asked (!), here they are:

Blue Diamond, because it almost has a blue sparkle.

Sweet Love:

Sea Breeze:


I have a whole bunch of pretty new sock yarns to list during the week. Instead of doing them all at once like I did with the Fairy Tale Collections, I'll be listing them maybe 1 or 2 at a time. No good reason, just for the fun of it.

Not much is new here; everything is quiet, thank goodness. I'm not fond of excitement. Give me boring peace and quiet any time.

Miss P did call up the other day to tell us a tuna fish joke. She's so much fun to talk to. Once she gets going, she carries the entire conversation. Her questions are: Guess what? And you know what? Guess what else?

So all I have to do is answer "what" and she's off and running. She's such a character!

Exercise News: We're still at it! Neither of us wants to give the other the $25 owed if no exercise is done. I have to tell you that negative rewards/punishments work much better than good rewards.

Knitting News: I may do a KAL of my modular scarf. My lovely group on Ravelry, PennyRoses, is interested. I just have to figure out how to present the instructions, which are all written out, and not in graph form. I suppose I could do a graph; it's easy enough. Well, I'm working on it and will let you all know if and when it's on.

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