Friday, March 27, 2009

The Yarnarian Has More Yarn!

All of this posting! I seem to be making up for a week of no posts.

Here are some more pretty yarns that I dyed up on Tues. They are all Penny yarns, and one is more fun than the other: Twinkle, Candy Land, and Twirl. All inspired by new greenery and spring, of course.

As usual, if you want and it's not listed on Etsy, let me know.

Knitting news: I'm working away on my secret mitered project, and I am beginning to think that it will work out. If not, I have a lot of miters! I started a new sock pattern yesterday in one of my pastel yarns, and it looks so pretty. It's wasted as a sock; it should be a sweater! Here's the yarn, Alexa, and pale and lovely and shows off the pattern beautifully.

I know, all these pastels, but folks, they really show off a pattern. And no pics of the sock yet, because I want to work a bit more to show it off. ;-)

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