Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Yarnarian Dyes for You.

'Tis true, I dyed for you. Lovely new yarns to be added gradually this week and next. First up are Andante and Aria:

Flamingo and Cheery Dearie:

Lady Jane and Flying High:

Royal Purple and Nymph:

Tickle, Sunny Day, and Rubies and Amethyst:

Fiber Barista news: The Fiber Barista ladies are at it again, only this time they're doing fiber. "they" because I don't dye fiber, only yarn. But we have some very, very talented dyers here. Go check out all the info at http://fiberbaristas.blogspot.com

And speaking of the Fiber Baristas, check out the latest shawl design by Deb of Fearless Fibers: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/whisper-of-spring-lace-shawl Is this pretty or what!

Tooth News: I just got back from having root canal, and NO PAIN!!

1 comment:

Henya said...

Now, now, I am almost done with the shopping. And then I make a fatal mistake and open up your blog. And I am done in. I love the yarn, I love those colors, I am totally nuts about them. I want them all, but the Amethyst and the Flamingo are breathtaking.


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