Friday, April 3, 2009

The Yarnarian Posts a Quickie.

No time. Gotta finish the cleaning. Yuch!!!

I just want to share the latest dyeing adventure with you. Clearly I was in a very happy spot when I dyed these. ;-) The top 3 are Emily lace yarn; the rest are Rose sock yarn. All to be gradually listed in the shop over the next week. As usual, if you want one, let me know, and I'll save for you.

Talk to you soon. Cleaning, here I come.

Postscript: I cleaned and straightened and tossed and I hated every minute of it. So there. Piffle to maturity.

Yarn note: the middle one and the left one on the last row are already spoken for. If you want another of the middle yarn (Parrot), I can approximate it somewhat.

Ria - I can do this somewhat the same again. I pm'd you on Ravelry.

Henya - Which amethyst one? Ravel me and we can talk.

Mary - I can indeed dye rainbow yarns. Remind me next week, 'cause this week I have company and Passover is starting on Wed night, and my usual chaos will ensue!


Henya said...

Can you, can you can you! I am desperately in love with the Amethyst. Please save this one for me.

Ria said...

OMG!! The one in the middle, with yellow blue pink and green!!! If you pm me when you put it up, I'll buy it as soon as I get on my computer!! I'll be in and out all week - not going to work, but have a huge to do list so it may be a few hours but I must have it!!

Mary's Sharing Space said...

Can you make sock yarn that looks like a rainbow? I have 2 children who are constantly asking for rainbow socks.


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