Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Yarnarian Gets Smart!

After dyeing a zillion skeins and twisting them into pretty skeins and into lovely circles of yarn, I've finally gotten it! There are people who are natural yarn twisters. I'm not one of them. Any time I get a skein to look nice is pure luck. And I love to show skeins twisted into a circle. The trouble is that they always fall apart when I move my hand away, and then I get this weird circle formation. Well, guess what? I figure it out. I can use a little bowl to hold that yarn in place. Yay, me!

Here's Lady Jane, which I just listed, in ruth formation: scraggly.

And now here's Blossom that I dyed up yesterday

Better, huh? Took me long enough.

Knitting news: Here's more on that doll sweater I showed you yesterday. I'm now knitting and frogging and knitting the back.

I have this idea in my head, and I'm working purely from that vague notion of what I want this little sweater to do. It's a lot of fun, but takes some time because when I'm not happy with it, it gets frogged again. Pretty soon I'll be known as the Frog Queen.

OK, forget the sweater idea I just posted. I'm doing something different for the back and it looks dumb with the front. I like the back better, so away with the front. Good thing I have lots of yarn. ;-)

Linda - That "scraggly" one wasn't very scraggly; I have some that defy me! Now that I've found my paper bowl, I'm a happy camper. Piffle to naughty yarns!

Ria - The bowl one does look good, doesn't it? Took me forever to figure that out. Silly moi.


Linda said...

Well, your so-called "scraggly" skeins have always enticed me, but the one in the bowl is extra lovely.

Ria said...

NOT saying I didn't like your other pictures- but the picture in the bowl does look nice.


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