Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Yarnarian Gets Cold! Whoo Hoo!

Yep, the old refrig. dyed on Passover, naturally. Like it couldn't wait until afterward? Hah. BUT, we have an old refrig. in the garage, so all was transferred there. Of course that means that we have to go down a few stairs to get to the family room which is off the garage. Split level houses are just plain odd. We call it "aerobic" food gathering.

So, anytime today between now and 1 PM, we get our spiffy new one. With French doors and a bottom slide-out freezer with interesting shelf organization. Why French doors? Because that's what's out there. And I wanted a bottom freezer after having a side-by-side for years. DD in MN has one, and I like it a lot.

I love big appliance shopping. I want everything brand new every time we need to do this. Not that we ever buy anything we don't need, but still it's fun to open drawers, and fiddle with knobs and such and to see what's exciting and new. For those of you in NJ, we go to Colonial Appliance in New Providence always, and they give us fully competitive prices and lots of knowledge and they stand by their products and they are not big box stores. And, no, I'm not being paid for this plug; I just like to deal with them.

Dyeing news: Here's what I did on Monday. None are listed yet, so if you want, email me (fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com. Better be quick about it; I have a brand new customer who is a shark at finding yarn. Yippee for M. (and you know who you are!)

Coffee Light and Blossom:

Fancy Schmancy and Dancing Elf:

Princess Rose (she's turning 5 this week) and Plumage

Water World and Polly Parrot:

Did I ever tell you that I have the best customers in the world? I do. I wish I could meet them all and have a massive knitting sleep-over.

By the way, did you notice my spiffy new photographs, in the paper bowl? Whadda genius. And modest, too.

OK, refrigerator, where are you? I'm waiting....... IT'S here! Wow, nice and new and spiffy.

Update: the refrig actually works. Be still my beating heart.

The following yarns are already spoken for: Coffee Light, Dancing Elf, Blossom.

Carolyn - I can guarantee that within 2 days, our new fridge will be hopelessly confused. We are just not neat organized people. OK, we border on sloppiness. Forget it, we are sloppy.


Anonymous said...

Yay! You will love the new fridge. That's the type we have. So handy and so organized.

Anonymous said...

That's the kind I want when I need a new fridge.

I used to live in a split level and know exactly what you mean!


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