Friday, April 10, 2009

The Yarnarian's House Is So Quiet!

They left around 10ish this morning and the house is so empty and quiet now. I already miss them.

I did more dishwasher loads in the last week than I have done in the past month! Every time I turned around, another load needed to get done. And laundry? Did a lot of that too.

Seder was wonderful, the usual confusion, giggles, and silly songs, plus the story of Passover got told (which is the real reason for the seder). We went around the tables for the readers, and Miss P did herself proud. I never ever eat at my own big gatherings, and this year was no exception. I had half a bowl of soup with a couple of matzoh balls, and a bit of sweet potato pudding, half a stuffed cabbage, and that was it. And I don't taste as I cook, so big dinners are sort of like diets for me. Now of course, I'm seriously hungry!

Enough of family and holidays and such. Let's get onto the meat of the matter; what's really important: knitting and dyeing. tee hee. Not that there is much to see, but you get what you get.

First of all, here's the mystery cardigan project. OK, it's not such a mystery, but figuring it out is not as easy as it looks. Anyhow, here's the back.

I did a bunch of dyeing today, so no pics because they just got finished steaming and they are still pretty hot! It turns out that I did one almost the same as one that's already on Etsy. I didn't plan it that way; that's what the yarn wanted, so I may keep one of them for myself. I did a Rainbow using pastels and Shelley yarn instead of my usual Penny, and I think it will be charming to knit up. And the neatest dyeing I did was to overdye a skein with a bit of black. Lots of people seem to be doing this, so I thought I'd try it too, and it's deep and mysterious, and I think I'm going to like it. Pics sometime Sunday or Monday, I think.

Charity news: I am donating 3 skeins of yarn and 3 patterns to a NAMI auction in Minneapolis in May. MN DD has volunteered for them, and dearly loves them and asked me to do this. So she picked out 3 very different yarns and we decided on the patterns, and she's going to bundle it together for the auction. This is a most worthy mental health organization, and you can bid on my goodies.

I just completed 4 8" squares for Knit-a-Square. I'm doing this in between everything else, so my count is not very high, but still, I'm pleased, and will continue to knit.

Debra - Post pics. I'm soooo nosy!

BBronstein - "Refreshing" librarian is another way of saying "retired" librarian. Only I'm not retired from life, I'm refreshing my life. Indeed, I have a new career: that of designer and dyer of yarns. Such fun. My DIL's mother retired and referred to it as "refreshing" herself, and I thought that was such a great way of looking at it. And now I get to love the library as a civilian.


debra davis said...

Little off topic but wanted to tell you that I finished my scarf (ravelry knit along) and love it!!!
charlotte nc

BBronstein said...

What does "refreshing librarian" mean? I, too, am a librarian who knits or a knitter who is also a librarian.


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