Monday, April 13, 2009

It Must Be Spring! &The Yarnarian Gets Busy.

It is now officially spring! The lawn guys are out there doing their number on our crummy lawn. Yay, lawn guys! We have a very large piece of property, which we need like a hole in the head, but there it is, and it does give me a sense of being a landed aristocrat. OK, an ex-librarian with a big front and back yarn. Neither of us are gardeners; I am trying to convince the Hubbo that he wants to dig in the dirt. So far I haven't gotten anywhere. His idea of digging is to plant wooden tulips. Sigh. So, we really welcome the yarn guys. They are a harbinger of spring. What I'm looking for, however, is a local person who feels compelled to garden my yards. For free of course. As a mitzvah (loosely translated in this case as a "good deed". Yep, I know that that's not the correct translation, but it works here.)

After a total collapse on Saturday (rainy weather was a great help here), I got ambitious again. Knitting, dyeing, designing, etc, etc.

Knitting news: Look at what I'm playing with. Is this not cool? Giggle, giggle.

What? What is this nonsense? Ah, a mystery. A doll sweater in the works. So far I've frogged it 5 times, took pics 5 times, and now am happy with the progress. If it works out, I might just do an adult sweater using this technique. And now I have you anxiously awaiting the next step in this process. As the Hubbo would say: "Calm down. Hold your girdle" To be continued.

I've also finished the socks for the last sotm of the spring. It's mighty purty, and again, I'm thinking that these patterns should be on sweaters where the world can see them. However, it takes a helluva lot less time to do socks than sweaters! So that's why you get the socks. Pics later on. Suffice it to say, that it is very pretty.

Dyeing news: I'm on a roll these days. Who knows why, only that it's spring and a dyer's thoughts turn to flowers and pools and springy thoughts. Oh, and I have one seriously deep yarn in the bunch. New technique for moi, and I think I like it very much. Tell me what you think. Should I do more like this yarn? The official name is Oberon because I think that's what the King of the Fairies would wear.

Here's Titania, what the Queen of the Fairies would wear:

And don't forget Puck: Puck's Rainbow.

Other goodies: Lily of the Nile, Red Maple, First Bud, and Green Garden.

Back to work. Today's yarns are steaming away to set the dye.

Mary - Are you on Ravelry? I'm ruth there. I can hold the yarn and talk to you there, or you can email me: fritzL234 AT Yahoo DOT com. We can work out the yarn arrangement there or on Rav, if you're on Rav.

Grace - I just found that goofy mistake. Must be a Freudian slip or sloop or slop. Have fun paying the govt!


Mary's Sharing Space said...

I love Puck's Rainbow and my daughters are drooling! Can you hold one for me and let me know how we do an order. I know that my girls will fondle this with so much joy! Mary

Grace said...

You don't have Yarn on the brain do you You have "a large front and back yarn" I chuckled at that one, the new yarns are very pretty but Uncle Sam gets my paltry offerings this week


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