Monday, March 23, 2009

The Yarnarian is Back, Pooped, But Back!

Let me tell you that playing with an energetic 6 year old can pretty much zonk out a Grammie! Just in case you didn't know it.

I had a wonderful time in Minneapolis. I helped out DD, who is recovering from a very successful surgery, and is doing just fine, chatted with DSIL, and played with Miss P.
Am I pooped? You betcha! Did I have a good time? You betcha! Am I glad to be back home. Yup!

Miss P is a killer Monopoly player. She destroyed Grandma Kathy, and wiped me out.

I walked over to Needlework Unlimited, which is an awesome needlework and yarn shop. Yarns of every type and tons of patterns and books. I did not buy yarn, because it's bringing coals to Newcastle, but I picked up a charming hat pattern and a book, and managed to fit them into my little suitcase.

So, what's on the agenda now? I have to get back to my dyeing, and I have some neat ideas which were inspired by an artice in a Better Homes & Garden magazine. I need to work up the Diagonal Mitered Scarf into a good pattern, write up the pattern for the Ahava socks, etc, etc. And I need a root canal. This I could live without.

And I have to do the Passover prep. Tonight we shop and spend a fortune on kosher for Passover food. Good thing, I like to cook from scratch! And the MN crowd is coming east for the holiday.

Dyeing news: I wind Penny yarn up from cones, and always have yarn leftover, too short yardage for a full skein, but plenty for a half-skein. I want to dye up some of these and sell them just for the fun of it. This way, people can buy whatever they want for trims, scarves, etc. It'll be a bit more work for me. OK, a lot more work for me, but I think I'll have fun with them. And then comes the really fun stuff: I have a number of Gem skeins by Louet to dye up. They've been aging nicely in my yarn storage, and it's time I dyed them up. Such fun!

And very important news!!!!! A bit of grass is coming up in our yard! Yes!

And because I don't want to leave you without eye candy, here's a yarn that I dyed up before my trip, and just reskeined this morning. It's called Wood Grain, and is just lovely, and if someone doesn't grab it, it's mine, all mine. Ha! Original and reskeined:

Ria - Yeah, I'm kind of excited about dyeing them too. It's fun to find small skeins for all sorts of things. It's a great way for me to use up all that extra yarn that's just hanging around all over the joint!

Hey, just before I flew out to MN, we did a field trip to Lake Hopatcong. what a neat area. I don't think I've ever been there before. Talk about boulders!

KV - Didn't we just go through the matzo ball stuff? We did our Passover shopping tonight.


Ria said...

ooh... halfskeins have me kinda drooling....

welcome back! I was just thinking yesterday about if you said when you'd be back. Missed you!

kv said...

whaddaya know, it's matzah ball time again!!!YUM.


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