Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where did the Yarnarian go?

Off to busy land. It was a futzing few days, with me accomplishing lots although I have not much to show you.

I have discovered brioche stitch. I recently bought Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch by Nancy Marchant. And I paid full price for it. Shocking, I know. This is so neat to do. I'm making a scarf out of one of my variegated sock yarns, and it's like eating peanuts: it's hard to stop knitting it. Takes forever because of the stitch, but it is so cushy and cuddly. I bet this would make the coziest baby blankie in the world.

The neat thing about doing this in a variegated is that you don't have to carry more than one yarn. I wonder how it would look if I did a light bright yarn and used a second color with it, either a solid or a darker version of the yarn. Hmmmm.

We are in the midst of a nor-easter. At the moment it's snowing lightly and not blowing, but it's supposed to get much worse this afternoon. Ah well. It's a good day to dye, and I shall do just that.

Mommie news:
Yesterday’s Mommie activity:

Drove 11 miles to South Orange and parked in the parking lot adjacent to the notary’s store. Went in and checked that there was indeed a notary there at the time. Got back in the car, drove around the block, and parked in the usual no-parking zone in front of the Mommie’s residence. Went inside, helped the Mommie get into her winter jacket, grabbed the walker for her, and we walked down to the car. Moved the car to in front of the slope in the sidewalk to the street. Got her into the car. Told her not to leave. Grabbed the walker, brought it back into the inside vestibule and then went back to the car.

Drove around the block to the parking lot by the notary. Helped her out, and we toddled off to the notary, holding onto each other for dear life. It is impossible to get that walker into this store, so we hoofed it instead. Went inside, with her walking actually not badly at all. Got her notarized. Yep, she is still alive.

Went back to the car, strapped her in, drove around the block to a 10 minute parking spot by her residence. Got out, told her not to move. Went back into the inside vestibule, grabbed the walker and went back outside to the car. Helped her out of the car and we went back inside and into her room. Told her I’d be right back.

Moved the car to the next parking lot, i.e. around that block yet again, but to a different parking lot. Found a legal space for free. Walked back to her residence with her clean laundry and her Ensure.

Visited, replaced her meds, put away the laundry, packed up the dirty laundry, paid the companion. Had a nice lovely chat, and then went back to the car and drove home.

I was very lucky yesterday: the various parking lots had spaces, it was in the low 40’s, she was in a good frame of mind, walked fairly well with me grabbing onto her. And she is indeed alive!

And it just started snowing again, or else the mess is blowing around. Nope, I think it is snowing and blowing. Good thing I did the Mommie bit yesterday.

Caryn - It's a very soggy snow, not powder at all. I hope that's it for the rest of winter!

Henya - It's a great book, with patterns galore. This should keep me busy for a while.

Scrabblequeen - Now what I want is a bunch of patterns using brioche, although I could keep busy for a long time just knitting comfy scarves.


Caryn said...

Snuggle in! Wish we were getting the snow instead of the cold arctic air that causes your nostrils to freeze shut when you go outside. Love the sock yarn!

Henya said...

I love this stitch, have to see if I can get this book from the library.
Nice that your Mammy was up to all this activity, good for you - you are such a nice daughter.

Scrabblequeen said...

I had fun with Brioche stitch recently, too. Book is on my wish list. Nice to hear that the parking gods were with you yesterday. "-)


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