Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Yarnarian Has Pearly, Silky New Yarns!

Bambi Yarn

And she is no longer grouchy, for which she is grateful. I think half the universe was cranky yesterday. Maybe we all have cabin fever. An hour and a half of PT put me right. You just can't stay a grouch when you are happily stretching legs and your hamstrings are really working, and you are feeling mighty and powerful. OK, you are not feeling mighty and powerful. But you do feel that way when the ball squats are so much easier than they were. Wonder Woman!

Dyeing news: Yesterday, in my great grouchiness, I dyed up yarn, and quite accidentally, they all turned out to be silky and/or pearly. Bambi (70/20/10 SW merino/bamboo/nylon; approx 460 yards) has a natural tendency to be somewhat pearly. I hadn't planned on taking advantage of that property, but that's what happened, and the yarns are truly lovely. Price is my usual $20/skein.

Berry Pearl:

Blue Belle:

Peach Pearl:

Rainbow Pearl:

Rosebud Pearl:

Water Pearl:

And now the piece de resistance: Gina Yarn! 50/50 SW merino/silk, approx 400 yards of extraordinary yarn. I am so wild about this yarn, and I just got in 40 more skeins. Initially I ordered just a trial bit of yarn. It's a little bit pricey and I didn't want to order lots in case I didn't like it. HAH! It is beyond wonderful. You have no idea how much I want to keep it all for myself. But how much yarn can I possibly own? (Don't even bother to respond to that.) And besides, I want you to own it too. Because of the silk, it feels quite different from my other yarns. There's a crispness to it, and the memory is not quite what it would be if it were only wool, but the wool gives it a lot of resilience and it is lovely to knit with. And then there is that silken sheen to it. Not blindingly shiny, just that lovely silk look. Pictures can't do it justice, but that's all I have, so just imagine the feel and the look of this yarn. Price is $26/skein, which is a bit more than my usual, but a bit less than most people charge. I should really go up a dollar or two, but I like being affordable.

Gina Yarn

Daffodil Silk:

Iridescent Pearl:

Silken Rose:

Opal Silk:

Silken Waterlily:

You can directly email me if you want any of these. They are all one of a kind, and can't be repeated.

fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

Or you can check Etsy since I will post yarns daily.


OK, these are grabbed by my favorite shark. Yay, shark! Silken Rose, Rosebud Pearl and Peach Pearl.

Rainbow Pearl has been grabbed.

Opal Silk is grabbed.

Scrabblequeen - She's very fast on the trigger finger!

Henya - I'm also glad I'm not grouchy any more.

itsJUSTme-wendy - I think the answer to why these came out so nice is that I was so cranky yesterday. Maybe I should only dye when I'm in a rotten mood.


Henya said...

The colors are so good. I want them all, but have to be reasonable. Glad you are not feeling grouchy anymore.

Scrabblequeen said...

Oh thank heavens for your Shark! I was in love with the Silken Rose and knew I shouldn't buy it!

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Oh my gosh! They are so beautiful, it almost brings tears to my eyes!
You have to do more of those color combos later in the spring when I have more money!!!! I just love them!

Jen said...

Glad your grouchiness is gone. I was super crabby yesterday but am feeling much better this morning.

And, lovely colors, as always! :)

Vanessa said...

You know whats funny lol.... your yarn makes me Drool like crazy lol... My BLOG makes you Hungry :). I need to start cooking again this being snowed in and stuff I am the KNIT and READ mood thats it lol... oh and the HOT drink mood...I want some of those three I just posted .... and BAD lol. Thank You for making me DROOL... and your welcome for making you hungry lol... see we are a match made in heven haa haa.



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