Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Yarnarian is Cheery

And she is so happy that the Hubbo took care of the snow removal, more like snow shifting. My hero went out into the wilderness armed with our trusty snow blower and shovels 4 times yesterday and then again this morning. And I'm so grateful because my back is not happy, and me pushing the white stuff around would have done nasty things to my body. I do have the sweetest Hubbo in the world! And don't even bother to argue with me! He is the best.

And what exactly did I do yesterday? Dyed up a bunch of yarn, mostly for the sotm shipment this month, but also some cheerful Penny yarn. I'm not showing you the sotm yarn obviously, but take a look at the Penny yarn. Bright, happy, non-snowy colors. And today, as I photographed them, I was just thrilled at how they came out. Spring has arrived in my dyeing space! So even though it's a winter wonderland outside, inside is spring and pretty colors.

All the yarns are my new Penny yarn: 75/25 SW merino/nylon with approx 440-450 yards. Soft as a baby's tush, and sturdy too.

The yarn on the far right is my yarn. Nope, I'm not selling it. I keep dyeing versions of this yarn, and you keep buying it. Which is just fine with me, but I need a shawl in these colors, and I'm not sharing, so there. And anyhow, I want it, just for me. Maturity is a phase; kindergarten behavior is forever.

Flower Dreams:


Rainbow Peach:

Woodland Pool:

Rainbow Yellow:

There was a natural progression through these yarns. I started with Rainbow Yellow, and you can see exactly where I started from the pic above. Then I moved on to Rainbow Peach, followed by Narcissus, then Woodland Pool, and then Flower Dreams, and finally to the one that is all mine. You can't begin to imagine how many permutations I did on the yarns, especially the rainbows. There are places where the color changes are so minute, and yet, I did indeed continue to add colors to the mix. I love doing these yarns even though they take quite a while to dye. And the neat thing is that they knit up so nicely. The non-rainbows would have been rainbows but I got carried away with longer color stretches.

I'm going to gradually list them on Etsy, so if you need one desperately (but not mine!), email me forthwith. Even with forth, or force.

Me: fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com


Scrabblequeen - It better cooperate. I'll overdye it if it doesn't> so there. You think I scared it into obedience?


Scrabblequeen said...

Such pretty, non-snowy colors! I can't wait to see the shawl your color grows up to be. (if it co-operates, that is)

Jen said...

Oh those new yarns are so so pretty! (as always)

Anonymous said...

These are GORGEOUS! The Narcissus blend of colors really caught my eye; all the colors I love to wear.

I have this bookmarked in knitting folder. May have to move it to art.

Henya said...

I am drooling at the new colors. What a lovely riot of colors.


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