Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Yarnarian has ephiphanies.

So, I realized the other day that I have managed to go to PT 3 times/week for the past 4 weeks. I fit it into my schedule. It didn't mess me up in terms of time or work or anything at all.

Now, if I can do this, surely, when PT is done, I can go to the gym 3 times/week for the same hour and not suffer because of it.

Second epiphany: My body feels so much better when I exercise. It really does. It takes about 3 weeks for it to kick in, but I have lots more energy, and feel stronger. Another reason to get back to the gym.

Third epiphany: My knees are really much much better. Or else my legs are very much stronger. My core improves every day. Mighty Woman on the march. Physical therapy really does work, but you have to do that work, and take it seriously.

And those are my epiphany moments. I was going to write "epiphanic" as an adjective, but I don't think it exists. Just looked it up, and yes, it is a word. Whoo hoo, my new word of the day. Gotta fit it into all my conversations now.

Personal news: Yesterday was my 66th birthday. I think my 60s are the very best decade of my life. See, all you kids, what you have to look forward to? It's a glorious time and I'm so happy to be able to enjoy it.

Is that enough cheer for you? It surely makes up for my grouchiness of the past weekend.

pendie - I'm doing "monster" lunges, the ones with that stretchy thing around the ankles, and the ball squats and such. I do love working with the ball.

Ruth - This entire PT program has tons and tons of stretching. I feel like an elastic band when I'm done.


pendie said...

Happy birthday!! Haven't you heard that today's 60's are yesterdays 30's or something like that?! I really have to agree with you and the exercise; strengthening my legs really helped my cranky knees enough that I can now do lunges! Keep going, it only gets better!

Ruth in Ottawa said...

Happy Birthday! And happy exercising - don't forget stretching! I'm a high school phys. ed. dropout who re-discovered in my thirties how good it feels to be fit. Now that I'm in my fifties, I'm so thankful I started working out when I did!

Vaughnde said...

I so agree on exercise! I walk at the mall with my dad everyday. Dad will be 69 in April (Mom tomorrow) and I'm 47. So it does help :) Keep up the good work!

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!

I finished the shawl I made with your yarn. I really love the way it turned out. Come take a look. I also put a link for your blog on there.

Mt. Mom said...

Yay, Ruth, for fitting in and doing all that PT and feeling so much better! : )
And Happy Birthday to you!


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