Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm a day younger.

Ruth's Fountain of Youth

And how did I manage to accomplish that?  Easy.  When I got up today, I was convinced that it was Wednesday.  Why I thought so it beyond me, but for the entire morning I thought I had somehow mucked up the days and lost an entire day of work.  Surprise!  This drove me so crazy that I finally had to resort to the Web to find out the day and date.  So, I'm so happy to report that instead of being a day older, I'm now a day younger.

It gets even sillier.  Monday is usually a dyeing day.  I'm always at my best at the beginning of the week.  The energy flows, the body wants to move, the ambition is there.  So yesterday I dyed and planned to mail out the lace yarns today.  Now here is a woman who thinks it's a day later, but the yarns to be mailed are not mailed; they're on the drying rack.  And the envelope to pay my nice cleaning lady, who comes on Tues, is on the kitchen counter.  I saw the envelope; I saw the yarn; I knew I had not mailed it off.  I mean, there it was happily plopped on the rack in the bathtub.  So how did I lose a day?  Methinks I need a vacation.

Wanna see what I dyed?  No, not the lace yarn.  The skeins are at the post office.  Nope, these are a few skeins that I played with one day last week (and not on a Monday), just for the fun of it.  I seem to be back in pastel land, except for one skein.  Every time I go back to pastels, I remember just how much I love dyeing them.

 Candy Apple

Gum Drops
Sweet Treats


I'm feverishly working away on my heathery shawlette, and another scarf that I might just turn into yet another triangle.  Finished a pair of socks, and am doing another auto-pilot one in my Basic Ribby pattern.

And that's my story.  And if I'm a day younger, does that mean that my birthday comes a day later?

pencraftco and pendie - It's nice to know that I have company.  If we keep this up, we'll be younger than we were when we were born.


pendie said...

yummy colors! I got screwed up on what day it was a few months ago. I had been taking a sleeping pill for a few weeks and it made me wacky. It's a weird feeling!

Anonymous said...

I did the same two weeks ago. I was convinced all day long it was Friday. Oddly enough, it was quite a relief to find out when my husband got home it was only Thursday and not the start of the weekend. I worried all day because I felt like I was a day behind in my work. I totally sympathize! By the way, the candy apple is to die for!


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