Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuff and more stuff!

1.  Did I ever tell you that you all raised $250 for NAMI?

2.  The Hubbo had a cataract operation very early this morning, and he's doing very well.  I remember the grim old days, when my grandfather had to lay in bed without moving and sandbags around his head.  Now, you have an operation, and you're zippy zippy practically immediately.

3.   I might be catching a cold from you-know-who.  She brought it with her, and I might have it.  Piffle.

4.  I have a new scarf blocking on the guest room floor.  Pics tomorrow or whenever it's dry.  And I have to write up the pattern.  Very cute scarf, too.  I'm calling it the Janus scarf, since it looks both ways.

5.  Take a peak at my new yarn, which needs a name.  I'm thinking of calling it Lili yarn after Little Lili, the wonder toddler.  The cost will be $20/skein.  100%  merino, but HANDWASH!  It's worth handwashing, too. 

This is what it looks like when dyed with a darker color and more contrast between the darker ply and the lighter ones.  It works up and looks like ragg!

Here's what it looks like with less contrast between the darker ply and the lighter ones, and also this one has variegation but in the same general family.  It knits up as a heathery yarn.

This is 100% merino, but 2 of the plies are not superwash, so it's handwashing for this yarn.  The effect is so cool, that it's really worth a couple of minutes of soaking, and gently squeezing, and drying flat.

I'm not ready to sell it yet; I dyed up only 4 skeins, gave my sister one with reds and pins.  This one looks like the red and white string that is used by bakeries.  But it's soft, cozy wool and delightful against the skin.

However, here is a bit of a dye-up.  All are Gina SW merino/silk in heavier fingering wt and approx 400+ yards.  This is the most gorgeous yarn.  It has all the good properties of wool with that soft sheen of silk.  Each skein is $25 ( costs me lots more than the usual yarn) + the normal shipping for wherever you live.
Email me at fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com if you want.  Otherwise, they will gradually make their way to Etsy.

Delight Silk
 Happiness Silk
 Rosebud Silk
 Silver and Silk

And that's what's new today.

Scrabblequeen - This is the thinking knitter's or crocheter's yarn.  You really need to do a swatch to see what will look good in it.  It's a very unusual yarn.  When I get around to selling it, I'll need to include some pics of what it can do in the ads.

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Scrabblequeen said...

Love the new yarn. Pretty effect with the coloring differences.


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