Monday, October 4, 2010



Yep, it's October which means that it's time for my annual Anniversary Sale!  I started my little business 3 years ago!  Who ever would have thought that I'd still be going?  And I'm so pleased about it!

So, because you all keep me in business, it's time to give you a SALE on all yarns listed, including sock yarns, lace yarns, and even some luxury sock yarns!  Yes!  Yippee!  Go forth and buy it all, and then I'll show you some new goodies.


WHAT?  $2 off each yarn!

WHO?  me, of course, you local friendly Yarnarian, aka ruth

WHY?  Why not?  3 years in this crummy economy is pretty nice, so why shouldn't you share in my happiness.

YES, I mail out internationally!


nornspinner  - I wonder if it will ever happen again?
Scrabblequeen - Well, of course you had to.  It's a good deal, and the colorway is soooo pretty.
itsJUSTme   - There are some real beauties there!


nornspinner said...

Just gotta tell you that those pine cone patterns are fabulous! Now to try to knit them...

Scrabblequeen said...

Yippee! "Honey, I HAD to buy it while it was on sale"!

itsJUSTme said...

AAAHHHHH a yarn sale, you know just to get us, don't you, wink wink.
Guess I'll just hop on over and look at them.


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