Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Janus Scarf!

Janus Scarf

A brand new pattern for you:  Janus Scarf.  So called because Janus was the Roman god of doorways, and looked both ways.  So does this scarf.  Two faces of the same theme.  Intermediate knitting, but not really that difficult.  You just need to be able to read a chart and pay attention.  After you've done a bit, it will become almost auto-pilot knitting. 

Scarf uses a skein of fingering, sock, or sport weight yarn.  Or you could use heavier yarn or even lace yarn.  You can vary the pattern in many ways, e.g. make it much wider and it becomes a shawl. With two patterns to use, you can make the scarf using only one of them, or do as I did, and work half in one pattern and the other half in the other pattern.  Or work a few repeats of one, and then a few of the other and continue in this manner.

The scarf can be worked in a solid, almost solid or even a variegated yarn.  If you choose to do it in a variegated yarn, make a swatch first to see if the yarn and the pattern work well together, or, just work Pattern Two.  

Pendie - Here's another idea about varying this scarf:  Knit the first pattern (the lacier one) in a solid, and then join in a variegated that lives with the solid, and do Pattern Two in that yarn. Wouldn't that be fun?

pendie - Here's another idea.  Work 2 rows in one color, and 2 in the other.  Or work the lacier pattern (Pattern One) mostly with the solid, but put in an occasional stripe of the variegated, and then do the opposite on Pattern Two.  BTW, The pattern on the left up above is Pattern Two, and the one on the right is Pattern One.

Scrabblequeen - I decided years ago to knit primarily for me.  I'm much happier that way.  ;-) 


pendie said...

Very pretty; I can think of a lot of yarns I have that will go perfect with that pattern!

pendie said...

That's a great idea about using the solid and variegated. I have to get the pattern now and try it out. Thanks!!!

Scrabblequeen said...

Pretty purple! I look forward to a day (not likely soon) when I'll be knitting just what I want, and not what I must.

Henya said...

Very, very nice! And it is purple!


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