Friday, November 16, 2007

I dyed and went to tropical heaven.

What do you do when it's dark and rainy and really really gloomy? You dye. That's what I did yesterday. I dyed 3 bright, cheery tropical yarns. You think my brain was telling me something? Here they are in original skeined form.

Temporary names are Island Beach, Sherbet, and Canary on a Branch. I say "temporary" because after I reskein, the yarns often tell me something different. Canary on a branch because somewhere on the web I saw a picture of canaries sitting on a branch with a sort of bluish/turquoise background.

An epiphany of sorts: When you've retired, visiting your former workplace is like visiting grandchildren: You go, you enjoy, and then you get to leave. A few days ago, i had lunch with a former co-worker. I loved where I worked, and the staff is so professional and fun to work with. So I really like to visit. Anyhow, we had lunch, went back to the library, I got to see everyone's new kid pics, wedding pics, lots of hugs, etc. And then I went home. Ah!

We're off to a family reunion this weekend. Hubbo's sister and nephew are flying in for the weekend, so everybody's descending on MA. Afterwards, we're off to our kids, and we get to play with 2 sets of grands: ages 7, 3, and almost 2. So much fun. They're all characters. And next month, I fly out to see the 4th grand, 5 years old. Also a character. Most of the time I'm on the floor playing with them, and then I come home and can't move for 3 days. I ain't as young as I used to be.

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Carolyn said...

I especially like the middle one with the pinks, etc. You are getting to be awesome at this!!


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