Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stuff, or what I want to do today. Hah!

I did nothing yesterday but lounge on the couch, knit, eat (but just a little), and nap. Today I could climb mountains.

So here's what I have planned: dye yarn, go to Michaels to buy crafting supplies for Miss P, Barnes & Noble, lunch out with my Honey (aka Hubbo), make turkey soup, bake a cake he can bring in to work for his birthday, knit, laundry. Do ya think I'm maybe overdoing it a bit? What are the odds that I'll get it all done? What do you think I actually will get done? I think I'm in a manic phase.

On a more intelligent note:

Would you be interested in a sock club? I'm thinking of starting a small one with 10-12 members. If that one works, then I can go larger. This would run 3 months and cost $75, which includes shipping. I'm hoping to make it somewhat interactive, in that you can customize your yarn to a certain extent. More on my plans to come. I'm just trying to gauge interest.

By the way, I'm on Ravelry as Ruth. Come say hi to me.

1 comment:

Squeaky said...

Realistically? I think you'll knit all day. Nothing to be ashamed of! I do it too. I start out the day with good intentions, but when the needles call, they call.


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