Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving
And all through the land
Everybody was cooking
Food, delicious and grand.


'Twas the day before Thanksgiving
And all through the house
Everybody was cleaning
Both husband and spouse.

Take your pick. In my case, it's both cleaning and cooking. When you're married to the Schmutz Meister (master of junk, loosely translated), you have a lot of stuff in the house. Hubbo and thrift shops go together, like a horse and carriage. It doesn't rhyme, but so?

We have multiples of everything, from the world's largest flashlight collection to a serious collection of wrenches. The latter is for real. He loves antique tools, and has amassed quite of group of then, But, the flashlights are all over the house, cars, etc. We have a part of the garage where a car would ordinarily be. Do we have a car there? What, are you kidding? We have an archeological dig, a veritable midden of whatever. I have no idea what's at the bottom of this pile, and I bet he doesn't either!

I'm not a neat person, but the Honey has dragged me down to his level, and now comes the crunch: we've got to make a stab at cleaning up the house of piles of boxes and mail (his) in the dining room, yarn (mine) everywhere, and joint crap. It's a good thing that we have company now and then, because it makes us get our act together. That's why they invented beds: so you can shove stuff under them. Oh, wait, there's already stuff under them.

It's gonna be a long day.

I'm having a very small group for Tryptophan Day - the 2 of us, my best friend and her husband, and my mother. For that I'm truly grateful. In the olden days, I had 17-22 people for the Eating Day. And the ex never helped at all, so it was all upon my head.

The year I had 22 folks, I made the usual large amount of food, plus 2 turkeys. I couldn't lift a giant bird, so I opted for 2 smaller ones. This was a crowd that ate me out of house and home. But this year, everyone was on a diet! So nobody ate much of the appetizers, and only one turkey got eaten. I had an entire bird left over. They didn't even scarf down the desserts. And here's the kicker: I'm a from-scratch cooker, so everything was homemade and delicious, everthing. We enjoyed leftovers for days.

So what are you grateful for? Here's my list

My husband, children, sister and mother; my steps and their families, and my grandkids!
My ability to see color in everything.
The wherewithall to be retired and live comfortably.
The joy of daily living.

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours!


Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. I am wearing my Canyon Sunrise socks today and boy are my feet happy!!

Carolyn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you survive the cleaning process!

Squeaky said...

Ergh. We clean as well whenever there's company. I don't think I'll survive. HELP! Good luck!

Ruth said...

Thank you all for your comments. I'm into cleaning avoidance at the moment as you can tell: Blogging is better than baking or straightening!


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