Sunday, November 18, 2007

Waffle waffle! Dip dip!

22 month old grandson discovers that he's going to have waffles for breakfast. Whoa, such excitement. He gets plopped on a chair, and starts yelling: "Waffle! Waffle!" OK, that's easy to figure out. So Hubbo cuts up a waffle and puts it on his plate, whereupon child starts pointing to the maple syrup and yelling: "Dip! Dip!" So, then Hubbo puts a bit on the plate, and the munchkin proceeds to dip his waffle into the syrup. Well, as doting grandparents, we thought it was hilarious, and the entire trip home we kept yelling: Waffle Waffle. Dip Dip." Uh, you had to be there.

Grand time was had at the family get-together. There were 16 of us, including the little kids, all crammed into my MIL's tiny living room. BIL hauls out his mandolin, and soon everyone was singing the ABC song, and Teensy Weensy Spider and other classical music from the preschool stage. And the kids behaved.

Still, it's good to be home in the peace and quiet of no kiddle land.

Remember the yarns I previewed on Friday? Well, I just posted them to Etsy. It always amazes me to see the difference between the original skein and the reskein. And it's the same here. I'm putting them to the right here under my etsy sign.

I really like how they came out. Sometimes you start off dyeing something that turns out completely diferent from what you had envisioned. But in these 3 cases, what I wanted, I actually got. That's the fun of never repeating your colorways: you just never know what the final result will be. No matter what, however, you almost always get something very pretty. And if the yarn is ugly, you can always overdye it blue! Or navy or black. And it will probably be quite striking.

Minneapolis GD loves Hanna Anderssen dresses. Miss P is a very elegant young lady. You know what those things cost new? Way too much for growing kids. But, you can often find them on eBay for lots less. So, that's this week's mission: Hanna Anderssen dresses sent to her mom, to be doled out as she wishes.

I think I like blogging. I resisted it for so long, and I'm beginning to get hooked.

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Jen said...

I am glad you like blogging too. It is addicting, I think! :)


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