Sunday, November 25, 2007

More excitement that I needed!

Well, I had my excitement of the month today. I got into a minor accident about 1 house from where I had to turn. It was kind of like a no-fault fender-bender. But now I have to contact the insurance company and deal with that kind of stuff. Which I hate, with a passion. I'm ok, the other party's ok, the cop didn't seem particularly bothered, but still, I didn't need this. Oh well, you are entitled to a couple of accidents in your lifetime, so this was one of them.

Remember that list I made yesterday of what I was going to do? I did it all except for the cake for Hubbo's party. And my Honey made the soup. We now have more turkey soup than you can imagine.

I have new yarns coming. Probable names are: Jeans, Melons, and Princess Rosey. I have a strange feeling when it comes to certain colors: I can almost taste them. Certain colors are evocative of taste in my mind. "Melons" is one of those colorways that make my mouth water, and not because I like melon. Other than watermelon, I don't care for that fruit. But I can taste this yarn. It's almost as if the sight of these colors triggers something in my brain. I'm almost tempted not to sell this one, but I have no space for it.

The other 2 yarns are also lovely. Jeans is guess what, dyed to match a pair of my jeans, and Princess Rosey is for a munchkin who loves pink and purple.

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