Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Yarnarian and the Hubbo Wear Out the 6 Year-Old!

Hah! Of course we also wore out ourselves, but hey, we're not 6 anymore. We were also not in Kansas any more. Not that we've ever been to Kansas, but it works better than "we're not in New Jersey any more", if you know what I mean.

We flew out to MN on Fri and came home yesterday. Miss P turned 6 on the 24th, so we were out for her annual family birthday party (Sunday) and our annual Mall of America birthday treat. She picked out some toys (all inexpensive, bless her), had lunch, went on a number of rides all by herself, had cotton candy. Then we went back to our motel, and she got to swim in the indoor pool. And then to IHOP for a pancake supper. By the time we got her home, she had run out of energy. This kid has enough energy to power a city. She hops, skips, jumps, runs, never, ever stops! And giggles and is delicious and a true pain in the butt, which makes her a perfect 6 year old. I miss her like crazy already.

Sunday we gathered at the family home for some serious moving packing and humping. The entire clan of my SIL were there, and we love these folks, so we had a great time working our little tushies off. But we accomplished a ton of moving, so that when they have to be out of their house, it will all be accomplished. Then they have a week in between houses, and then they move to their new one. The new house is in an incredible area, within walking distance to a super duper elegant shopping street replete with post office, drugstore, a Lund's (great supermarket), wonderful restaurants, and stores that reek "posh"! And a movie theater and a wonderful playground and the best high school in the city. The downside? I can no longer take light rail to get to her house. Taxi is the way to go. Hey, you can't have everything!

So we were really exhausted Sunday night. And yesterday we traveled and you know how I hate travel, but this morning, after writing this, I'm going to the gym! Did you read that? GYM! Maybe I can establish the habit again.

Knitting News: Here's all the knitting I did, 99% on the plane. No time or energy to do any more on the sock. The really crummy pic shows the little twist st cable; it looks so much better in real life.

Carolynh - yep, those leafy green socks yet again. The thing is that I didn't realize that these socks were going to look so much like the leafy ones. The little twist stitch cable makes a great difference. I like this little cable so much that you know you're going to see it a lot!

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Anonymous said...

Wearing out a 6 yr. old is some accomplishment!! Kudos to you.

Leafy green socks with a little cable down the front?


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