Friday, July 4, 2008

The Yarnarian is Off Her Soapbox!

Aren't you glad? You all know how I feel about rants: a good one every now and then clears away the cobwebs, aggravates people, and generally stirs up the waters.

I have to show you my latest project bag. I just got this from Ruddawg on etsy, of course. It's very big. I'm going to use it for my Mystery Shawl 9 project.

The yarn it's holding is this one. This is 1100 yards of the Kona all wound up into a ball. At the end, I had to ask the Hubbo to wind it because it was so big that my small hands couldn't hold it anymore. Yeah, yeah, I could get a ball winder, but I like to wind by hand.

Knitting Idea: I'm in a sock rut. Don't get me wrong, I love knitting them, but I've not done much of anything else in a very long time. So I had this idea, kind of based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Almanac. I'm going to try to focus on one other type of project every month or so. If I don't finish the project within the month, I'll carry it over to the next month. And I'd like to re-explore the techniques that I used to do with such aplomb, and have ignored these past years. Of course I'll need new project bags all along.

So here's July's project: Mystery Shawl 9. This is logical since I dyed a lot of the yarn for it, and because I'm doing it too. With that ball of yarn above and that adorable project bag. Natch.

In August, I think I'd like to knit Miss P a pretty pink sweater. I need to decide on the technique, and I'll dye up the yarn. I'm thinking some pretty cables with ruffles on the hem maybe. I don't know; I have to knit the shawl first. But that's my thought.

I might start a group on Ravelry for this. Maybe. Anyone interested in joining me?

Mommie News:
Yesterday I took the Mommie to the doctor for a follow-up visit. We both managed to get urinary track infections, talented women that we are. So she was back for a visit. You know, when I get her out of her apartment and into the car, she goes back to being the Mommie of old. Witty, sarcastic, wonderful. She teased me left and right, and was so on target that I could barely respond. Funny! At one point we were laughing so hard that it was difficult to drive.

They love her at the doctor's office. Here's this tiny, fragile little old lady who can't walk in a straight line and whose short term memory is hazy,and she gets into the office and all the doctors go gaga over her. I think it's the grandma effect. Whatever it is, her doc (and mine) is just crazy over her. He tell us all the time that we don't need to make appointments if she's not well; just show up and he'll fit us in. Told her that any time she wanted to join the staff in coffee, she could just come in. I think he meant it too. She's amazing! Whadda woman! Her gray matter is right on target, and who cares if she can't remember what she ate 10 minutes ago. She certainly doesn't care, and it doesn't bother her either.

Have a wonderful Fourth! We're laying low and being lazy.

Carolyn - I am beginning to think that project bags don't count as stash. After all, sock yarn doesn't so why can't sock bags?

KV - I tend to get grandiose on everything, so who knows if I will actually carry this out, but it really would get me back into doing all that knitting I used to do.

Darcie - Just because I don't have enough project bags, I just got the knitting cats. Now that is one silly bag, and I love it.


Carolyn said...

You must have a bag for each one of your projects!! What a cool excuse to keep getting new bags.

kv said...

hi ruth! knitting schedules are the best. i'm wrist deep in the summer of g(love)s myself. good luck with the mystery thing.

Darcie said...

Are not knitting bags supposed to match your outfit?? You can never have too many bags!
I love your new one!


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