Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Yarnarian buys yet another bag!

This is my entire exciting news! But you'll have to admit that it is one seriously cute bag. Bought here. By the way, if you scroll down and look at some of Catherine's bags, you'll see some pretty blue yarn. That's my yarn. Boy, all this fame is going to my head!

And that's all the news that's fit or unfit to print!

Extremely Important Knitting Content: Here's my brand-new solution for second sock syndrome: Put each sock with the pattern into a cute project bag. Start another sock project in yet another adorable bag. Continue this until you have either run out of bags, yarns, or needles. Then go back and pick up one of the old projects. You've waited so long to do the second sock that it now feels like a first sock!

kv - That's my solution. Get yourself a bunch of project bags, and put each glove into one, etc, etc.

mapleweave - Um, yeah, I understand that. At this point, I don't understand which comes first: the project or the bag!

Emily - You "store" them all over the place. Now, instead of projects in every nook and cranny, I have bags in every nook and cranny. Looks a tiny bit neater because you don't see yarns and needles and patterns.

Sounds good, anyway!


kv said...

hi ruth! it takes only a day to knit a glove. i think it's my solution to the "i don"t knit socks" problem, but i think i will be running up against a major second glove syndrome dilemma by the end of the summer....

mapleweave said...

That has been my solution (I thought) for the last 6 months. But instead of casting on that first (second) sock, I buy more needles and project bags!

Emily said...

Love the idea but where can one store all those cute sock knitting bags???


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