Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Yarnarian is Never Happy!

So what's with the title here? Well, I'm just about finished dyeing up the Kona for Mystery Shawl 9. If I didn't dye up 80 or more skeins, I didn't do any. I've ordered and reordered and reordered again and again. Mary and Sue of Catnip Yarns now ask me how life is in New Jersey.

And as you know, along the dyeing way, I complained, kvetched, groused, grumped that enough was enough, I wanted to get back to sock yarn dyeing, I wanted a change from almost solids dyeing, etc. So, here's where the title comes in: I'm going to miss it. I've got this new dyeing system pretty much down pat. I worked out how I wanted to dye these skeins, and now I'm just about done with it. And I want to do more. I'm am truly never happy. I'm like the cat who wants to be in when he's out and out when he's in.

Yesterday I did a little bit of sock yarn dyeing, and I found I was using my Kona method. It's now ingrained into my dye-stained fingers. (not really, I wear gloves, of course. But you get the idea.)

So, I called Catnip yesterday and ordered another 30 skeins. But here's what I'm going to do with these guys: some will be dyed up as the entire 1100 yard skeins for lace knitting. And some will be dyed up in 520 yard skeins for socks and dyed differently.

And now that I've put you to sleep, I'm off to have breakfast. That's the beauty of a blog. I can pontificate or wax poetic or complain or just do the prolix number. It's my blog. Hee Hee!

Adee - i will eventually sell the pattern. First I have to finish the socks (!), and then do the pattern writing (blech). But eventually. I'll post it here, and if you are on Ravelry, my avatar will change to the new pattern.

Sock Club info somewhere below this post!

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Anonymous said...

Hehe. You're funny. :o)


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