Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Yarnarian Tells a Story.

The story of Crunchy!

Once upon a time, there was a shiny new car called Honda Civic. It was a pretty little car in a shiny gray/beige color with soft gray interior fittings. It was born in 2007, and sat lonely and unwanted on the dealer's lot as the 2008 cars came rolling in.

At the same time as poor Crunchy waited for an owner to love, there was a retired librarian driving an ancient red Ford Tempo. That old car had trouble climbing hills, and was aging rapidly. The librarian had just begun selling her hand dyed yarns and was in the process of reinventing herself as the Yarnarian and she decided one day that maybe the little red car was itself in need of retirement (AKA the junk heap).

So the Yarnarian sat down with the Hubbo and talked about buying a new car. The Hubbo was very pleased about this because he worried about the Yarnarian and her ancient car. And his car was beginning to feel its age and the two of them could use a new car for trips and such.

Off they went, those starry-eyed car buyers, and wonder of wonders! They found the little gray car! The price was good (those 2008 cars were in need of lots of space), and they purchased the car.

Now in the 16 year history of the little red car, the only time it had been in an accident was in its first year when younger DD got into a minor fender-bender with it. Otherwise it was pure and intact (except for the hole in the bumper from that little accident).

One day in November the Yarnarian was making a right hand turn at a red light (quite legal), nobody was coming and there was one car at the intersection. He clearly was at a dead stop and had his left hand signal on and was waiting to turn. The Yarnarian judged that it was a good moment to make her right turn, which she did very, very slowly as she was as a dead stop and needed to make a left turn into a driveway a couple of houses down. SO if the Yarnarian was not going more than 5 mph. Whammo!!! That bloody car at the intersection and Crunchy met, and Crunchy earned her first crunchy bumper and her name.

Move on until mid-June when the Hubbo and wife were making a right hand turn into a parking lot of a restaurant. Whammo! A car zoomed past them on the right and, you guessed it, Crunchy got a crunch on her right front bumper. So now the dear little car had crunches on both her front bumpers.

Yesterday, as the Yarnarian was slowly driving in a parking lot, a car backed into her right rear side and bumper. NOt much of a crunch, but a little scrapy thingy on the side and a tiny denty kind of thing.

So now we're holding our breath and waiting for Crunchy to get her left rear bumper bumped.


Project bag and knitting news:
Ta da! Yet another adorable project bag and a brand new sock to go in it. The project bag comes from Zigzag stitches!

KV - The little red car has long gone to little red car junk yard (um, I mean heaven). It's the new car that has earned the name "Crunchy" Poor little Crunchy. But she still gets great mileage, and what's not crunched is still shiny and new.

Rooie - I do socks at the drop of a hat or needle or whatever. It comes very easily to me. Always has. But ask me to crochet.Ack!

Meg - the cutie patootie sock bvag comes from zigzag stitches on etsy.

carolynh - Poor little Crunchy has to find the time to get fixed, and with her luck, will be out of the body shop 10 minutes and will get crunched again!

Sharon - It isn't easy being little Crunchy; it's not easy being her mommie either. I keep worrying that the left rear bumper will be next.


Anonymous said...

Aw. That's sad. I hope your little car is back in pristine condition soon.

Love that new sock. ;)

Meg said...

That project bag! I must have something in that fabric! Will you share its origins with us?

Rooie said...

Poor little Crunchy.

I love that sock. What's the pattern? Or are you one of those clever people who make up sock patterns at the drop of a hat? Or sock? :^)

kv said...

time to let that car go---it's becoming a fender-bender magnet! congrats on the new one.

Sharon said...

Poor Cruchy. But she seems to be a tough little girl and knows that looks aren't everything. Long may she run.

I didn't know that you got the knitting kitties, too. I got my blue knitting chickens and love them.


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