Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Hubbo Invents a Yarn Drying Device.

You all know that the Yarnarian is married to the most wonderful guy in the world. There's one teensy weensy problem here: he's an engineer and loves to invent. Some of his inventions are beyond odd, some are hilarious, and I can't post those here because he won't be happy. Aesthetics are not his strong point. What is his strong point is taking an object and turning it into something else. And he's a garage sale/thrift shop junkie, so you never know what he might come home with. So, I present to you his lastest greatest invention:

What is it, you ask? It's a yarn drying device, aka a yarn hanger. Are you amazed, fascinated, intrigued, confused?
Here are its properties: one of his millions of tripods with a plastic tinker toy thingie screwed on top. Everything that the Hubbo invents is a "device".

Plastic is good, won't hurt wet yarn. It fits into the shower stall and probably also the bathtub. It's portable. It's cute in its own weird way.

This morning's tea: Mocha Mate from TeaNoir. Toasted yerba mate with cocoa, chicory and cinnamon. I like with 1/8 tsp Splenda and a splash of milk. Delicious. I have a thing on mate. I bought my first one here, and have been in love with it ever since.

Christine - I just realized that the yarns on it match the bar thingies. Such talent! Nope, I'm not dyeing for it. There are limits, not many, but some! ;-)

Ambermoggie - It's one of his better devices. I never know what he's going to come up with. He views stuff with a completely different eyes than I do. There was a spell where he was buying old junky printers that were not functional any more. Why, because the cartirdges came with them and matched our printer.

Ria - there is nothing that I can say except to giggle. Guy engineers fall into 2 groups: those without any sense of humor at all, and those with an enormous sense of mischief. I think our guys are in the mischief group!


Christine said...

A cute & color "device". Do you have matching colored plastic thingys for the yarn you're dying?

ambermoggie said...

I love this

Ria said...

An engineer, can I tell you that I met my husband at NJIT? And if you take a mechanical engineer (me) and an electrical/computer engineer (him) and the ME (me)doesn['t actually work as an engineer and has some latent frustrations, the things you build embarass your kid??


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