Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Yarnarian Enjoys Shabbat!

I'm not a "frummie" (a very observant Jew), so I enjoy the Sabbath in my way and not in the Orthodox way, but I surely do love it.

Shabbat (Sabbath) is a day in which I do no work. Yeah, I'll do the dishes, make the bed but that's basically it. I've alway observed the day by not working. Way back in college, I never studied or wrote papers or anything of that sort and it never hurt me at all. I did have to work on Shabbat in my professional years, and I always resented it mightily. But that was the way it was, so I just did it and grumbled. A lot.

But now I'm retired and have a new career, and I still don't work on Shabbat.

I have to tell you that taking an entire day off and just relaxing and knitting and reading is so precious. And the result? I'm all fired up the next few days. And then when life gets too crazy, I have the next Shabbat to look forward to.

I recommend it highly whether you are Jewish or not, religious in any way or not, an atheist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, whatever you are. Take a weekly day off to meditate, appreciate life, smell the roses, whatever gives you peace.

And what am I doing today? knitting, reading, going to the library, napping, whatever. The Hubbo left at 5:30b this morning to drive into Brooklyn to go walk the dog with Benster-daddy, see the Benster at his swimming lesson, and such. I opted to sleep like a normal person. As much as I adore the munchkin, getting up at 4:30 AM is not where it's at. So, when he gets home, we'll probably have a very mini-field trip. Mmmm. Delicious day.

Miss P called last night to say that she lost her first tooth! A bottom tooth and she was anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy. She insisted on putting the tooth into an envelope and under her pillow. Her parents tried to convince her to put the envelope next to the bed. Nope, she said, all the kids in school put their teeth under their pillows for the tooth fairy to take. So I hope that the tooth/money exchange took place without waking her.

Bellavitafarm tagged me to write 7 weird/random things about me on my blog.

OK, here goes:

1. My big toes are very much bigger than the rest of the toes. It's a genetic thing; my sister and my kids have it too.

2. If I could figure out how to live on tea, I would.

3. I'd rather have an awesome piece of bread as dessert or a snack than cake.

4. I love an orderly existence even though my house is in a constant state of disorder.

5. I used to wake up my kids on St. Patrick's Day by singing MacNamara's Band at the top of my lungs. Nope, there's not an ounce of the Irish in me.

6. I love solitude, and worked with the public for a gazillion years, and loved it. Go figure.

7. I love the Hubbo, who is a law onto himself. Engineers either have no sense of humor or are wickedly in mischief. You know where the Hubbo falls.

Now whom shall I tag? Mwahahaha! Unfortunately some people I would love to tag have no blogs. Not fair!

I'll have to think about this. Give them a head's up first. And then duck when they throw the computer at me.

If any of you blog readers want to be tagged by me, let me know.

Have a peaceful, gentle Sabbath, whenever you wish. Shabbat Shalom (Sabbath Peace) to you and yours.

Stephanie - As you can tell, I'm not shomer Shabbos, although I come from a frum family. My grandmas wore sheitels. That kind of frum. My parents were much less so, although no lights, no tv, no writing on Shabbat. My father, however, deemed it OK to listen to the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on Saturday afternoon, and my mother loved to go downtown. So there you have it. But in college, I would never do studying or paper writing or research. Period. When it ended, and I didn't have a date, then work would resume. Never hurt me in the slightest. It was a necessary break and kept me fresh. Try it out on an easy week and see if you like it.

Christine - Imagine tagging the tagger. This could get incestuous! Have a great MN day. I need another MN visit, but probably won't go until late Nov or early Dec. And you know there will be lots of snow on the ground.

Deborah - I do too. Sometimes it's very difficult to stop the running and just settle down and relax, but it is so worth it. I love the sense of peace that I get. And to think that it comes 52 times a year.


Christine said...

I just gave you an award for your blog so don't tag me! Because I may not have enough people to tag after I blogged about them! Go read about it on my blog and enjoy your day off!

Stephanie said...

You observed Shabbat in college and had no problems? hmmm... I should try to convince myself that that's a good idea.

As I try to convince myself to get some work done today as well.

I'm so contradictory. Good food for thought though, how you feel more energized after a day off.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

I love Shabbat!


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