Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Yarnarian Has Words with the Hubbo!

Lots of words. We word-play all the time. Nope, these are serious words. Come, read my tale of woe:

Scene 1: The Hubbo is what we would politely call a "collector". He collects articles that range from lovely to odd to beyond odd to really weird to junk. He collects lots of stuff, more stuff than you can imagine.

Scene 2: The Yarnarian collects books on knitting (borrows all the rest from the library), yarn, patterns, more yarn, more patterns, more yarn.

Scene 3: He collects the bad stuff; I clearly collect the good stuff.

Scene 4: He has stuff all over the place; way too much stuff. We are inundated with junk in every room of the house. I have yarn stuff in every room of the house. My yarn is lovely and decorative.

Scene 5: I never was neat, but he has brought me down to his level, which is a step above being condemned.

Scene 6: He has started to clean his junk up, move it out, pack it up, get rid of it!

Scene 7: He's upped the ante here. If he gets rid of junk, I should organize mine and get it off every flat surface we own, including tables, floor, and an occasional chair.

Scene 8: I'm having words with him over this new avocation of his. Now the unspoken pressure is on me to become neat. Not fair, simply not fair. We are now going to have to compete in the neatness division.

I ask you: Is this not a reason to call the Hubbo a few choice words? So today, I feel compelled to clean up my stuff.

I don't know how we are going to deal with "our" stuff, as in the Passover Haggadahs that are still hanging around in the dining room. Given that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are around the corner, it might be time to put away the Passover stuff.

Tea of the morning: Scottish Tea: "Dark and Rich". Strong and almost done. I won't replace it because there is so much tea in this house that I need to finish up a few tins. Then I can get more. And, my teas are organized and NOT all over the house. Phew!

Knitting News: no knitting news except that my left wrist is not happy with life. I think I overdid it. So we shall rest the wrist today and see if I can knit in tiny bits tomorrow as we drive up to NH.

What I'm reading: Franklin, Ariana - The Serpent's Tale

Shortoldlady - I'm way past shelves! I have an awesome collection of knitting and stitching books. We bought an entertainment center from the Door Store, and it has lots of shelves, now all filled up with books. I'm going to have to move to a mansion with a large library! The not-in-use yarn (i.e. the stuff that's not in dyeing mode) is happily stored in plastic tubs and lives in the basement. I need to figure out how to store my vast collection of project bags, each of which contains a worthy project. I like to be able to just go through them quickly and pick out what I want. Plus they're pretty. Today's task is to file all the patterns for lace shawls that I've downloaded. And file away the needles and such. Then I'll feel much better. I'm thinking of listing the books that I really don't use on the blog with a reasonable price and see if anyone wants them, or put them on Ravelry.

JennaKate - Our house is relatively clean, but slobby, really slobby. My son-in-law told me that pretty soon we would have paths between the piles of stuff on the floor. I've gotta get my act together and clear away the piles. After a while I don't even see the piles. Sigh. Neatness is not my thing. I wish it were, but it's not.


shortoldlady said...

Take his challenge to heart! Check out Ikea for storage ideas! All your lovely yarn would look so beautiful stored by colorway. Have a nice storage shelf for books and patterns with a flat surface to lay open books on! This is your chance - TAKE IT!!

JennaKate said...

Hi! I too have issues with stuff. I seem to struggle to put things away when I'm done using them - especially patterns and leftover yarn and needles and clothes and dishes... okay, I'm not so good at being tidy. But my fiance is just as bad, and his stuff is much more dangerous - bike spokes and chranks and brake levers and OUCH! on my feet. Crazy hobbies, huh?

Anonymous said...

Well, his stuff is just stuff.
Your stuff is your friend.
I guess I am not helping solve the problem here, am I?

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I would certainly have to have words with him. Is he going through some sort of male menopause? Where are you to put your lovely decorative yarn? How will you find your books? If I had to clean up ... uh ... put away all my things, my studio would be so crammed full of lovelies that I couldn't open the door. Yarn and books are not only decorative, they're infinitely useful.

I'm very fortunate in that Hubster doesn't collect anything. More room for me!

Ria said...

My husband is both a pack rat and a piler. Recently I flipped out. His stuff is piled so my stuff can't make it's way to it's home before the pile. And for a while I sort of gave up and the house got really bad, really bad. not actually dirty, just an unorganized mess. Now I've been in a great mood for weeks and we're fighting because I'm cleaning up and he can't find his stuff! I keep telling him, my next husband will be neater, not a pack rat and like country music!

Ria (tonyfan20 on Ravelry)


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