Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Yarnarian Investigates Itchy Red Spots.

Gotcha interested, huh? So here's the story:

On Sunday I had a couple of phone calls from the Mommie's residence that the Mommie had red spots on her legs and waist and they were itching like crazy. Would I come over? The first thought had been to send her to the emergency room, but would I come over and look first.

So the Hubbo and I went to check her out, and sure enough, she had itchy red spots. To my medically untrained eye, they looked like flea bites. Having owned a flea-spreading cat, I know these rotten things.

So we picked up an itch-relief lotion and she tried it out and said it was OK. We changed her sheets, flipped the mattress, did whatever we could without bombing the room. (This is a residence for elderly folks, so you have to be careful here).

I went out into the dining room, where I can generally find lots of the staff, and said it was bug bites, and that they might want to deal with this. No, I had no idea where she got them.

Tues. AM I get a phone call from the director of the residence. She is a lovely, caring woman who worries about her charges. She said that I should take the Mommie to a dermatologist. Nope, says I, I'll take her to her primary care physician.

The earliest I could get an appointment was Wed afternoon, so we went and yup, bug bites. The residence is going to call the exterminator to deal with her room.

And that's the story of the itchy red spots.

By the way, we had a lovely time together. I picked her up early, and we went for pizza at my local Whole Foods. There's a beautiful display of pumpkins outside the door, and she just loved it. Then we went inside, and directly in front of us is the flower section. The Mommie couldn't get enough of the flowers. We had our pizza, chatted about stuff, and had a wonderful day together.

And I hope I didn't get her bugs on me!

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Jean said...

It is lovely that you can spend time with your mother. Funny how nursing homes can take something so simple and turn it into a doctor's visit, but at least there is nothing to worry about.


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