Monday, September 15, 2008

The Yarnarian is bejeweled!

I should have called this post: "Ruth's Loot" because that is just what it is: my jewelery finds on this weekend's trip to New Hampshire. Never mind Fruit Loops; we have Ruth's Loot. OK, bad play on words. Tough nuggies.

On Saturday, on the way to Peterborough, we found a crafts fair in Dublin, and oh, my, what lovely goodies. No dumb floppy-eared bunnies or ugly stuff, just lovely jewelry, wood carvings, soaps, pottery, and jewelry.

I'm such a sucker for pretty earrings. Someone told me once that as women wear more and more casual clothing, jewelry and make-up and accessories become more important. And I think there's some truth to it. Now that I'm retired, I never wear my wardrobe of beautiful work clothing. What's the point of it. Even in my last couple of years on the job, I wore much more casual clothing. So, how do you jazz that up? With pretty accessories.

Here's the neat thing: the Hubbo loves to buy me earrings. I wear them every day and he likes seeing them on me. So, here we were at this neat crafts show, and there was jewelry all over the joint.

Here are the earrings the Hubbo bought moi:

The bigger ones are the ones I bought; he bought the 2 pairs of green and iridescent ones.

And now, ta da, feast your eyes on this set. I never buy sets, but this was irresistible, so I plunked down the money. And remember, New Hampshire has no sales tax!!!! The stones are Ryolite, aka Rainforest Jasper.

And then, because the Hubbo cannot resist a good thrift shop moment, he found this cute bag to add to my project bag collection:

The best find of the weekend is not ready for photography yet. And when you see it, you probably won't be impressed. But we're quite in love with it.

So what else did we do in NH besides bolstering up the economy? We walked and walked. We stayed in the same place as last time because the location is terrific and the little inn is cozy and unpretentious. We are so way past pretension. Give us comfort any time. We stayed at the Carriage Barn B&B, which is right on Main Street about a couple of blocks from where the down town area begins. Very quiet and cozy and about as basic as you can get with still being very comfy. So, we walked downtown, and then onto the library (of course) and onto a very unique collection of stores, and more walking, and more walking. We were gone over 5 hours, and except for lunch and the library, were on our feet the whole time. No car. It was just great. We thought it would rain, but it held off until we got back to the inn.

This was a nothing-exciting weekend, but one we so enjoyed. We came back home really refreshed and ready to go again. Yup, yarn is soaking for dyeing.

Bev and Ria - I am now so elegant. Wore the large earrings yesterday after the mammoth dye session. Boy, are they heavy! And larger than I usually wear. But quite lovely!

Darcie - He really knows my taste in earrings, too. The Hubbo is a sweetie, and if he reads this, he better not get a swollen head! ;-)

Sharon - I feel the same way about craft fairs; they are very dangerous to the pocketbook. But no sales tax? Whoo hoo!


Bev said...

Love the new earrings. Its so true I don't dressup but my ears got to look good. Great new bag.

Ria said...

Great earrings!! Sounds like a great trip.


Darcie said...

You are soooo lucky! A hubby that buys you both earrings and bags! I'm not sure that my husband would notice if I stuck an earring through my nose (okay, maybe he would) and he keeps telling me that I have way too many bags already whenever I indulge my bag obsession and get a new one.

Oh well, I love him anyway. And I have him trained pretty good in most ways.

Sounds like a heavenly trip.

Sharon said...

The earrings and necklace are great. I love/hate crafts fairs. I find great stuff and the pocket book just screams.

Sounds like a lovely trip. Glad you got out of town for a bit.


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