Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Yarnarian is Stunned!

Wow! Christine just awarded me this amazing blog award:

Is this cool or what? So here's what I have to do:

1.) Show the award. Link back to the blog that gave you the award.

2) Pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award because of creativity, design, interesting material, and contributions to the blogger community, no matter of language, and link to them.3) Leave comments on the blogs to let them know you've given them an award.

4) Show the link to the Arte y Pico blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) Show these rules.

Now which blogs to pick. I love them all, you know. If I haven't listed you, don't be upset. I had to pick 5.

1. Margene's blog. This is the first blog I read every single day. Her mountain pics are amazine, she knits beautifully, and there is something so pleasant about her blog. I love her projects. There is something about this blog that talks to me. Take a look and see if you are not hooked also.

2. Carolyn's blog. Do you like llamas? Do you like to watch a house in progress, and now built? Do you want to meet a Renaissance fiber person? Carolyn spins (yup those llamas are spinable), weaves, knits, and dyes. And, she is a wonderful friend I met on the web.

3. Knittyvritti's blog. Fun and games as a Brooklyn shrink tackles the highs and lows of knitting. Intelligent, witty, and she does intarsia! And makes the most beautiful gloves. Inspiring and fun, and occasionally she analyzes her knitting. What could be better?

4. Jo's blog. A word master of the highest sort. Pics of Ireland and every where else she's traveled, charming and funny and I NEED to meet her in Ireland. Great stories, great knitting. Brilliant writer who can do doggerel with the best of them (some of her Ravelry posts are so clever!). Wouldn't it be fun, if I ever get my passport renewed, to meet at a UK wool show?

5. Anne's blog. Yeah, I know this is one of the biggies, but just take a look at her lace shawls and scarves and you'll go delirious with joy. And then take a look at her veggies and her cooking pics, and you'll get hungry. This is my fave of the biggies; she is an amazing designer.

This was hard to do because I had to leave out all the rest of my wonderful blogs, but these are the guys I read daily (along with Lime & Violet's Daily Chum).

And yes, I read Christine's blog every day also. It was so much fun to meet her and she is one awesome sock knitter and a great lady. Go check her out.

I love to be introduced to new blogs. I hope you'll like these as much as I do.

KV - Aw shucks!

Carolyn - You're the Mona Lisa. You're the tops. Can't think of the rest of it.

Ria - Thanks. My overlarge ego is going to explode. Don't worry though, something will bring me back down to earth. tee hee.

Anne and Margene - Thank you for providing me with such great inspiration as well as good reading.


anne said...

thank you so much ruth!

kv said...

wow, ruth, thanks so much!!! and you deserve your award--one of the really unique voices in knitblogland.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so happy and honored! Thanks a million. You're the tops. :)

Ria said...

Congrats on the award!

Margene said...

Thank you, Ruth. It is so sweet of you to read every day. I enjoy your blog, too and read even though I don't comment. Thank you for being a good blogpal!!

fleegle said...


And sometimes, after you work on something for six months, you are just disappointed in the outcome. The thrill wasn't there for Bling, I'm afraid.


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