Friday, September 5, 2008

The Yarnarian Knits and Dyes.

It's quiet here in Yarnarian-ville. I sent off the sock club packages the other day and have had my usual postpartum blues afterwords. But I'm back on target now, so that's good.

Knitting news:
The vest (see below) needs another inch of knitting and then the dreaded sewing, and I'll have a spiffy new vest for the fall.

Here's what's happening with the lace shawl. Don't forget that it looks like crap until blocked, but you can see the pattern here. I'm loving working on it. I don't know why some lace projects are so delightful to knit and others are not. But that's the way it is.

Next project in mind is the February Lady Sweater, with which I've fallen in love. I've made this as a baby sweater a few times and liked it, and now here is an adult pattern for it. I was thinking of dyeing my yarn, but I've changed my mind and will head over to the Stitching Bee for some stash enhancement. Check out how neat it looks on Margene.

Dyeing news:
Here's some of what I've done lately. The very pale yarns are Zephyr for Renee's Winter Shawl. If she likes them,then that's the way I'm going to go on these skeins: very pale with a bit of color variation, but so slight so as not to interfere with the pattern.

Lisa - Thanks. I almost kept it for myself, but what I need are some green sockies.

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Lisa R. said...

Love love love the bottom left colorway!


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