Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Yarnarian Waxes Philosophical.

No, you silly people! The Yarnarian is not waxing the car; she's waxing philosophical. Get a grip here.

So what is this philosophy about? Well today I had an insight. I get insights every now and then, and they are never earth-shattering, but valuable nonetheless.

We spent Saturday just wandering through downtown Summit, NJ, having lunch and then happily thrift shop shopping. Nothing exciting, although lunch at a Thai restaurant was wonderful. And it occurred to me that for us, the great joy of living is simply being. We, the Hubbo and I, don't need excitement, travel, retail therapy, etc. to be happy. We are joyful just wandering around in each others company. It doesn't matter if we buy anything, or eat a fabulous meal (ok, the food has to be somewhat decent), or look at the world's greatest art. We are content simply to be. And for us, that's who and what we are.

Earth-shattering moment? No, but great insight into what makes us tick. It could be our age. In our early 60's, we are not even middle-aged any more, but hardly doddering. Yup, the knees hurt, and we take meds for high bp, and cholesterol, and such, but our heads seem to be in the right place. The body ain't what it was, but the head is better than at any other time in our lives.

OK, wake up here. The Yarnarian will not wax philosophical again for quite a while.

Knitting news: I have too many projects on the needles. I've got to finish a bunch before I start anything else. Startitis reared its nasty little head, but I'm over it for a while. phew. The source of all these UFOs: too many project bags. Let's face it: I have a thing on project bags. I love 'em. But every time I get a new one, I feel immediately compelled to start yet another project. I'm out of space with these guys. I'm going to need yet another tub for project bags filled with projects. Arrgh. ( Whoops, sorry about that arrgh; pirates are done for the year.)

The trouble is that all these lovely bags and projects contradict my new-found insight. Well, nothing is perfect. Insight breaks down when it comes to yarn and knitting. And let's face it: yarn rules!

Knitting Club news: My little poll and communication with the PennyRoses group on Ravelry have lead to this conclusion: I'm now planning on 2 clubs: a sock club AND a lace scarf club. Sotm to run every other month, starting in Jan or Feb. Lace scarf club to run 3 or 4 times/year starting in the winter. When, and what on these two is not yet decided. I'm at the noodling around stage.

I have 2 shipments of the sotm to go, and lots of lovely lace dyeing for the winter mystery shawl, and I need a bit of time off to recharge my batteries. But this seems to be the direction I'm heading in.

I like the idea of every other month for the sock club. Lots of folks belong to a number of sotms, and there are always new socks to be knitted on Ravelry, so this gives people a fighting chance to actually knit a pair or two. And the lace scarf one: these take time to knit, and 3 or 4 of them a year is plenty.

Boy, talk about a wordy blog! It's putting me to sleep. Nitey night.

KV and Jean - Maybe our heads are better because we have less obligations? Kids are grown, out of the house, have their own kids. Retirement! (although that presents its own set of problems). At this stage, the aging process is not very advanced, so we still have energy, whatever. Of course, now I have aged parent obligations, but so it goes. Not many vrittis. Whatever the reason for this, it's a wonderful time of life, and I feel so fortunate that I have this moment. After all, maturity is just a phase; adolescence is forever.


kv said...

i'm with you on the life gets simpler with age thing. exept for knitting of course, where all the neuroses can safely lodge. after all, who are they hurting?

Jean said...

I find that at 50 I appreciate life so much more than when I was younger, everything seems richer and more precious. Enjoying this very moment it the only way to live and if you have a wonderful companion it is more enjoyable.

Linda said...

I, too, enjoy just hanging out with my husband, very often at Thrift Stores. We're leaving Wed on a 3 week drive-about, our favorite type of vacation. Just pack some stuff, arrange for the house and animals to be cared for, and see where the road might take us. He's the only other person I know who gets excited about going to garage sales in other locales.

Anonymous said...

Ruth --
Isn't it just how it works. All of a sudden one day, for no special reason, it comes to you that things are as they should be.



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