Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick update!

They are now for sale on Ravelry and/or Etsy. 5 bucks apiece or as a duo for $9. Saving is good.

Fairy Leaf Scarf, which is a lot prettier than the picture shows. Trust me on this.

Titania's Waltz, which is easy, and looks so complicated, and yes, the first row is on the wrong side and the even rows are the right side. If it drives you batty, change the numbering, but make sure that you knit that garter ridge on the wrong side. Oh, you know what I mean. You need that little garter row to make the pattern. Verstanden?

Or email me and I'll invoice you the amount and then send you the pattern(s), although that's very cumbersome, if you know what I mean. Bye, I'm hungry and my brain is flying off somewhere.

Henya - They're really not that hard. Once your brain understands the pattern, you can just go and knit. Yeah, you do have to look at the chart occasionally, but not so it will drive you nuts.
I'm glad you like the yarn. Go knit lace with it!

Bishop Stone - It's actually very pale blue cashmere from JoJoLand. I used a little more than 200 yards of it.


Henya said...

I love them. They look so airy, one of those days I will find my brain and do lace. Meanwhile I have opened your package. Wow, take a look on my blog, I just had to show them off.

Bishop Stone said...

Love the lace. What is the white yarn you have used? it looks so nice.


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